Follow the Dolphins

Follow the Dolphins  by AstaroTheatro and Our Footsteps at:
Baschira presents: Zdasdat | Baschira Album Release Party

Saturday 27 November at 16:00
De Ruimte 
Distelweg 83 Amsterdam

On November 27, the long-awaited “Zdasdat” album by Baschira will be released, let’s celebrate together! It will be a day full of music, stories, theatre and plenty of delicious food, at the ever so charming “De Ruimte”.

Musicians on stage:
| Davide Cristiani – Guitar and vocals | Tilo Baumheier – Flute |
| Denis Pavlenko – Clarinet | Mauro Rolfini – Alto Saxophone |
| Zohar Mokady Amar – Tenor Saxophone | Remy Sterreman – Euphonium |
| Emma van Dobben – Piano | Julia Kooreman – Bass |
| Floris Van Elderen – Drums | Millo – Electric guitar and synth |

Special guests of the day:

Follow the Dolphins
A theatrical work in progress by AstaroTheatro and Our Footsteps

Picture by Melanja Palitta | Balans LaB

While getting inspired by the presence of the Zapatistas, we face lies, we witness cities falling apart and we focus our struggle on the stream of the white blood cells of humanity. But the best thing to do, as usual, is to follow the dolphins
With Ayşenur Akın, Arif Murat Gür and Roberto Bacchilega
Original text ‘The Dolphins” co-written by Mohamed S. Bah and Ayşenur Akın