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Once upon a time there was a devil. His name was Astaroth. He lived underground in a deep, dark, smoky corner of hell working hard every day to receive and to judge the damned souls of mortals who had just died on the earth above. His judgement became orders for the dead: “Go to the bottom of hell!” “Burn there for eternity!” Thousands, millions of souls every day, year after year, century after century, from the beginning until the end of times. Most recently Astaroth had to deal with a corrupt man, with an intellectual-chic girl and with a fame-craving poet chanting his verses to the political elite financing him. He had even to judge a poor truck driver who died in a huge road accident and was sent to him in hell by mistake. That was too much! Enough! Astaroth had enough of it! He got diabolically angry, his rage and fury exploded and he went on strike. He didn’t want to judge anybody anymore, he didn’t feel like deciding for a soul’s eternal destiny anymore. Justice and judgements are connected to “the absolute contingency of meaning” and this was enough for Astaroth to rethink his role of judge, his role of being. And now it comes: Astaroth decided to put an end to his career as a devil. He just wanted to be a special kind of being: a Human Being. And just like a human being he wanted to sit quietly  in the countryside and to enjoy being a man. And there we can still find him, in summer, at dusk, listening to the crickets…

You can find the tale of Astaroth in the homonymous theatre play of the Italian writer Stefano Benni. A group of actors performed this play in Amsterdam several years ago. From Astaroth comes AstaroTheatro still with the same central idea: the privilege of “being Human” and thinking and rethinking ourselves, interrogating the world and ourselves.

AstaroTheatro has a critical disposition: “How do you examine yourself, what happens when you begin to call into question your tacit assumptions and unarticulated presuppositions and then begin to become a different kind of person?”

AstaroTheatro is an independent, non-mainstream open space for theatre, arts, music, cultures, movies, events, discussions, activism. A place to meet people for real and to share. AstaroTheatro aims at creating community and awareness.
Theatre & Activism > Omnia Sunt Communia

AstaroTheatro is an intimate, free space where actors, musicians and artists are welcome to perform, to play, to give and to receive inspiration. We encourage creativity and collaboration. The atmosphere is international: audience and performers are borderless, just like the culture we love to experience

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