Kypseli Quintet at AstaroTheatro

Kypseli Quintet
is an ensemble of classical music that aims to present unique music programs by re-exploring old gems and working with new upcoming composers. The ensemble is a mix of wind and string instruments, this gives us a variety of colors which we wish to showcase as much as possible with our own arrangements and to reflect that in our programs with a variety of works in contrasting styles!

The inspiration behind the program is to touch different moments in time with works from different time periods.Starting from the 17th century with the “Old Hungarian Dances” and carving a line to modernity. Along the way we dive into different styles from Elliot Carter’s embellished neoclassicism to Gershwin’s “third wave” jazz-infused playfulness!It’s a program we put our heart into and really believe the audience will enjoy.

Kipseli Quintet at AstaroTheatro
Saturday 18 November, 20:30
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation. Cash Only