commemorating catastrophe

commemorating catastrophe
a precarious theatre performance by AstaroTheatro

Our demand of a righteous and permanent ceasefire extends worldwide where the logics of war and arms trade cynically unfold as business as usual.
Permanent displacement. Catastrophe. Ongoing nakba.
In the face of ethnic cleansing and genocide this theatre performance originates from the deep-felt desire to clear the space, to clean up any surface tainted by horror so to see the light through dust and rubble.

A nakba commemoration in the spirit of resistance through art.
Inspired by The Revolution’s Promise and The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, Occupied West Bank.
Dedicated to Mustafa Sheta General Director at The Freedom Theatre who has been brutally held in Israeli prison without trial or charge since 13th December 2023.

Wednesday 15 May, 17:00
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam