A La Muntagna

A La Muntagna
How artists come together inspired by resistance and international solidarity
An event of music, theatre and togetherness

It all began with a song connecting the mountains of Southern Italy to the peaks of Kurdistan by providing a common ground of resistance and solidarity.
Today this profound nexus of true international solidarity is still the main motivation for artists to come together.
Now we wish to share tales of natural life versus flashy urban consumerism. And music of course. Lots of music of love, friendship, dignity and resistance against any oppression.
Same spirit while exploring even more meaningful artistic contents. A La Muntagna is all yours again!
An AstaroTheatro and A La Muntagna Production

Event Program: 

The New Want
The Dealer is always there to remind you that ‘you must want something’ while the buyer doesn’t want play his role at all. Instead he’d rather live in the nature of the mountains where he comes from and play his bilur.
Anyway be aware that you are nothing but a consumer in a consumers’ world. Unless you don’t want The New Want.
Harun Turan: Bilur and Performance
Roberto Bacchilega: Performance

Roleda & Baschira
Roleda and Baschira are preparing the summer tour to present their new albums: Demofonia and Rîtmên Pêyvan. They will delight you with their electro-folk music, blending styles with Italian and Kurdish influences.
Roleda: voice and saz
Baschira: voice end guitar
Anže Mikulan: drums

Saturday 1 June, 20:30
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation. Cash Only