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Foreign Sound at AstaroTheatro

Foreign Sound – A Harmonious Celebration of Music and Culture

“Foreign Sound” by Fernando Oliveira is more than just a concert; it’s a powerful testament to the harmonious blend of nations, cultures, and traditions. This captivating performance is dedicated to celebrating Brazil’s iconic music styles, including Bossa Nova, Samba, and international reinterpretations, showcasing the universal power of musical expression.

At its heart, “Foreign Sound” finds its rhythm deeply rooted in Samba, enriched with the sophistication of Jazz influences, creating a mesmerizing and layered experience for the audience. Bossa Nova, popularized by the legendary João Gilberto in the late 1950s, takes center stage, captivating hearts worldwide with its melodic charm.

Fernando Oliveira, the driving force behind this project, presents his original compositions that celebrate the essence of Brazilian music. From Bossa Nova to Samba and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), the performance is enriched by rhythmic drums and dance-infused beats. The infusion of soul, jazz, and pop adds a contemporary flair to the traditional, resulting in a unique and modern musical journey.

“Foreign Sound” invites you to step into a world that transcends boundaries, celebrating the universal language of music. It’s a triumph both musically and politically, showcasing the harmonious exchange of cultures and traditions.

Join us for this theatrical experience, where music becomes a bridge between nations and a testament to the enduring power of artistry and expression.

Guitar & Voice Fernando Oliveira
Bass Raalf Martinez
Drums Felipe Duarte

Foreign Sound
Saturday 23 September, 20:30
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation

Theatre as Communal Experience

Theatre as Communal Experience – A Workshop by AstaroTheatro

Our lives are communal; we need to be social to survive.
There is no separation or hierarchy among body, mind and spoken word.
We communicate simultaneously with all our faculties – a lesson easily learned, but in practice a never-ending journey of rise and fall. All this makes for inspiring moments during our workshop. We learn to work with our body, our breath, our voice in a non-judgemental way. We explore the space and we interact with the other performers. New exercises are welcome and constantly proposed. We are in the process of learning that physical exercises, improvisations and experiments allow the body to introduce new ideas. The body does the thinking, in a way. We seek a deeper interaction by ‘feeling’ the other performers while at the same time being a total actor. Egos are tamed, the collective creates.
Who I am is because of you.

Anyone can do theater, even actors. And theater can be done everywhere. Even in a theater
Augusto Boal

This theatre workshop explores the basics of the performative practice: posture, movement, presence, body, the other in the space, games and the voice in many of its expressions.
Our voices engage in spoken word, text and poetry in order to reach the poetry performance: from poetry to theatre.
Our work will be inspired by theatre masters like Jerzy Grotowski, Jurij Alschitz, Augusto Boal and by AstaroTheatro’s own experience. But above all our practice will originate from ourselves: our memories, stories and skills. Theatre becomes the discovery that each of us is able to tell and to tell about ourselves.

Five sessions open to everyone from the unexperienced person to the more experienced theatre practitioner.
5 sessions: 24 September; 1, 8, 15, 22 October 14:30-17:00.
Please contact us for more information:
AstaroTheatro Sint Janssstraat 37 Amsterdam
Tel 06 25382491


AstaroTheatro is privileged to be part of this project of art, community and resistance.
On women and a quest for freedom. And then waves of sea and of time, migrations and dolphins leading to faraway lands.
Because some will go, others will stay and maybe someone else will go back.
“Il mare è libertà e la libertà è femmina”
Una produzione di Casa Rosa, Compagnia Teatrale Tolvese e AstaroTheatro

AstaroTheatro Amsterdam and The Freedom Theatre Jenin Palestine

The Freedom Theatre. Jenin. Palestine
This wonderful place of arts and humanity has been brutally attacked and bombed 2 days after these pictures were taken.
AstaroTheatro shares with The Freedom theatre the same artist vision of resistance through art.
AstaroTheatro is honored for the collaboration with The Freedom Theatre and will always be in solidarity with it.

AstaroTheatro Cultural Season 2022-2023

Summer has come and it feels like the right moment to look back at AstaroTheatro Cultural Season 2022-2023.
The diversity of work produced inside and outside our small space is overwhelming. Theatre performance, Rebetiko, Art exhibition, Music of Brazil and of Dreamland, Marx is Back, Performance Art, Theatre Workshops and a lot of Friendship… All works of Arts, Human Dignity and Community.
Our summer will not just be a time of leisure. We are currently working at five new projects and we cannot wait to share them during the upcoming cultural season. Looking forward!

Rebetiko Against The Machine at AstaroTheatro

Rebetiko Against The machine at AstaroTheatro
AstaroTheatro is very happy to host again these amazing musicians!
A fantastic way to close our unique cultural season! 

Saturday 24 June,20:30

Rebetiko Against The Machine
: “Join us for the last gig of the season!!!
On Saturday 24/6 we are gonna be in AstaroTheatro!This time with originals and maybe some rebetiko tunes if time is enough!
We will be happy to see you there”
Entrance with donation!

We are:
Guitar/Vocals: Ilias Konstantinidis
Bouzouki/Baglama: Argiris Plekas
Bouzouki/Vocals: Giannis Leloudas

Think of Others at De Voorkamer

Think of Others
A poetry performance and an artistic work in progress of theatre, music and a road to alterity eventually to be found in an abandoned theatre.
Inspired by Mahmoud Darwish, Amal Donkol and by our vagabond souls.
Argyris Plekas. Bouzouki
Betina Abi Habib. Performance
Bakr Al Jaber. Performance
Roberto Bacchilega-AstaroTheatro. Performance

Think of Others is Wednesday 21 June, 19;30 at De Voorkamer Kanaalstraat 225 Utrecht during Arabic Coffee Evening with Poetry Performance “Think of Others”

Blending Desires at Lola Luid

Blending Desires at Lola Luid
An event of theatre, music and togetherness for the neighborhood

Delicious dinner + Theatre storytelling about our kitchen + Live music by Argyris Plekas

Friday 16 June
Dinner 19:00
Theatre 20:00
Music 21:00
Lola Luid
Derkinderenstraat 44 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation

Blending Desires
“Desires of love and deep affection
Longing for a real connection”

A Theatre Performance on memories straight from our kitchens. Coffee cups, potato peelers and a parody of food as a rigid dogma.
A storytelling and a metaphor of longing for love and deep affection, of being abandoned in the hope to be found again and finally, of the desire of otherness in a faraway land.
This performance originates from the participants to the workshop “Theatre as Communal Experience” at AstaroTheatro
With: Cristina, Giusy, Mehdi, Oscar, Roberto, Sava

Argyris Plekas Live Music
“I will present you some compositions of mine. The music that i made the past year, is pretty much biographical by my own life. The music is very influenced by the Greek rebetiko genre. I will play them accompanied by my favourite instrument bouzouki. Atmospheres from rebetiko scales and rhythms will dominate the air!”

AstaroTheatro at “They used to call me Odysseus. What’s my name Now?”

AstaroTheatro is grateful and honored to be part of this meaningful project of theatre and community in Donoussa Greece

Ο Σπινθήρας. The Spark asking questions
@ ‘They used to call me Odysseus. What’s my name now?’

An amazing experience of theatre and community
Based on texts by the actors, excepts from the Homeric epic and stories from the island
‘I am here to bridge. So how do you bridge your curiosity with the essence of knowledge?’
(Pictures by Spiros Papadopoulos)

A La Muntagna-Up To The Mountain

A La Muntagna – Up To The Mountain
How artists come together inspired by resistance and international solidarity
An event of music, theatre and togetherness

Same spirit and even more meaningful arts!
Friday 2 June, 20:00
Ru Paré. Chris Lebeaustraat 4 Amsterdam

Once upon a time there was a song connecting the mountains of Southern Italy to the peaks of Kurdistan by providing a common ground of resistance and solidarity.
Today this profound nexus of true international solidarity is still the main motivation for artists to come together.
Now A La Muntagna calls to be performed again, for the third time. Same spirit and even more meaningful arts!  We wish to share tales of reaching out to otherness and poems of travelers moving through theatrical roads. And music of course. Lots of music of love, friendship, dignity and resistance against any oppression.
Ru Paré is no doubt the place to be. Our A La Muntagna journey started in this warm and inclusive venue and now naturally it continues there.
A La Muntagna is again all yours!

Harun plays tunes and songs on the bilur (wind instrument)

Think of Others
A poetry performance and an artistic work in progress of theatre, music and a road to alterity eventually to be found in an abandoned theatre.
Inspired by Mahmoud Darwish, Amal Donkol and by our vagabond souls.
Argyris Plekas. Bouzouki
Betina Abi Habib. Performance
Bakr Al Jaber. Performance
Roberto Bacchilega-AstaroTheatro. Performance

Baschira & Roleda
Songs from Italy to Kurdistan. And vice versa
Baschira. Guitar
Roleda. Saz
Savalan Ghodsi. Percussions
Sipan Sezgin Tekin. Erbane Player

A la Muntagna.
Delicious Food and Healthy drinks are ready for you!
Entrance by Donation. Please bring cash!