ANARQUITETURAS DO SABER is a creation in experimental performance art by the Portuguese-British artist Pablo Alvez Artinprocess. It explores what is a deconstruction of the spectacle, a quasi-anarchy…. an an-architecture. It is performance art seeking what is behind the show, even before the show, what can live without the ostentation of spectacularity.

The performer and the public share a state of ignorance about how the performance will unfold, and what meanings emerge from it. As in Nando Taviani’s enclaves, the public contributes collectively to the construction of meanings. The plurality of these meanings is respected in the context of a dialogue – between the performer and the audience, and between members of the audience. If a performance does not have a single author, the narrative is not imposed by a single author. With no authority, the public can be a co-author too … will an an-“architecture” of thought emerge?

DURATION: between 40 and 60 minutes, followed by a discussion with the public.

Pablo Alvez Artinprocess (UK/PT) is an experimental performance artist, artist-researcher and performance philosopher. Pablo holds a PhD in poverty economics and is currently taking a 2nd PhD in Theatre at the University of Surrey, exploring an empowerment (rather than a power) relation between ethics and aesthetics, and more specifically establishing a dialogue between the ethics of philosopher Emmanuel Levinas and his own experiments in performance art. Member of Performance Studies International (PSi) and NALS (North American Levinas Society).

Friday 27 January, 20:30

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation