Wind Rose. Openings at AstaroTheatro

Wind Rose
Openings at AstaroTheatro

The earth accommodating our steps is the sky above our heads
And when I see you I see myself
The stones under my foot are unforgettable
Still I need to clear my name

AstaroTheatro opens up to embrace these four events like a wind rose from four cardinal directions

Friday 13 May, 20:30
Marx is Back
A Play on History

Friday 20 May, 20:30
Tenedle. Demetra
New Album Exclusive Concert

Saturday 4 June, 20:30
The stones under my foot
Theatre Performances

Saturday 18 June, 20:30
Baschira & Yunus
Music from Italy to Kurdistan. And vice versa

Each event will be followed by Q&A, Talks and a glass of RED wine