Trash Skeleton at AstaroTheatro

Trash Skeleton at AstaroTheatro
Saturday 20 April, 20:30
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam

Trash Skeleton (she/her) presents three unique plays written and directed by her alongside a lovely troupe of actors! 

The performance will be about an hour and fifteen minutes long with short breaks in between.

The first play is called “She’s looking up the symptoms online” and is about a woman needing to get over her ex by using a surrealist version of omegle/chatroulette. She explores her emotions and past relationship while talking to a tree, a masturbator, an anarchist who can fly and a whole lot more! 

The second play is “Replacement home” and is about an anarchist needing to find a new building to squat for her radical family about to get evicted. The play takes several fourth wall breaking turns as things go horribly wrong but maybe you can help them squat in the end?

The third play is called “Trips to the void” and is about a trans woman coming to terms with herself as she takes acid and the void inside her consumes all the people invited to trip with her. This is about chosen family and coming to terms with who you are instead of being ashamed and alone!

You can buy the scripts of the plays and unique posters made by Cor at the theater if you want to remember the show and support the troupe!

Our goal in performing is to share our love of art, politics and writing to a radical audience around the world. So we will be using any money we make during these performances to fund trips to different alternative spaces around the Netherlands and even hopefully abroad!