Dit Ben Ik. This is Me


Pranay is a Polish actor and in 2021 moved to Amsterdam.
Brought his dreams with him as other immigrants before him.
Dreams sometimes need a time to come true – so he waits, he still believes.
But time is running out – this year he turns 40.
Maybe it is already too late, maybe everything has been decided.
So he builds his own theatre from cardboard and stages his life.
What ghosts from the past haunt this stage?

Pranay’s dramedy is a mixture of puppet theatre, storytelling, stand-up and ritual.
The show deals with issues of identity, being an immigrant, gay and an artist.

Pranay Pawlicki graduated from Academy of Theatre Arts in Poland.
Dit ben ik is his 3rd solo show, 2nd in English

Friday 27 and Saturday 28, 20:30
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
AstaroTheatro is Amsterdam’s smallest theatre.
Reservations are strongly encouraged to secure our audience a seat:

Entrance by donation. Cash Only