15 Years AstaroTheatro

As AstaroTheatro celebrates its 15th birthday, let’s not forget what this small, cozy, independent, non-mainstream, non-commercial space stands for:
Inclusive, grassroots theatre and arts aiming at a community-based practice.

From our Manifesto Poetico: “AstaroTheatro wishes to foster an emancipated audience in an immersive experience. This goes beyond a performer merely ‘breaking the fourth wall’ and acting with the audience. If we want to talk to the audience, our performances have to be challenging, stimulating and meaningful. And for this we need a surprising narrative, a narrative that does not follow the mainstream logic of media and power, a truly alternative narrative. An unconventional, non-bourgeois narrative that is also human, touching and apparently around the corner. We need to tell stories that tickle our fantasy as victims of corporate mediocrity, a fantasy killed by the banality of daily social exploitation and frustration. Stories with depth and layers addressing our conscience and giving fresh life to the debate on ethics. Through this journey AstaroTheatro wants to remain a space for an emancipated audience keen to further its emancipation process, a space facilitating a mutual exchange of energy at all levels between performers and audience. In this perspective the word ‘community’ makes sense at AstaroTheatro.”

After 15 years and for many more years to come, AstaroTheatro has a strong will to keep hosting artists and people willing to share its true spirit. The new cultural season has just begun, workshops are thriving and new projects keep popping up. We are excited to welcome you in our space!