Themis & Lombroso at NieuwLand

Themis & Lombroso
at NieuwLand
“Ah darling, we don’t need our reproductive organs to seed
the world and be seeded”
With the Gezi protest as a background, Turkish playwright and activist Bilgesu Erenus tickles the audience with a theatre play of amazing universal interest. Themes of the play include social justice, criminology and capitalism. Come and join us for a cozy friday evening at NieuwLand!

Friday 15 December
Start: 20:00
Doors open: 19:00
Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93

Themis: Silvia Terribili
Lombroso: Roberto Bacchilega
Translation: Anı Küsmenoğlu Tuna
Image: Esra Sakir
Graphics: Hüseyin Huseyin Karadeli
Costumes: Özlem Tabar Miçooğulları
Directed by Arif Murat Gür
An AstaroTheatro and Alli Mana Group Production

NieuwLand is a non-commercial and volunteer-run social-political centre and has a permit to sell food and drinks during her activities, for example during its Fridaynight events/activities, but is not allowed to promote its delicious vegan food or drinks, because NieuwLand is nót a horeca occasion; NieuwLand’s main activities are social, political, and sometimes cultural. Welcome and come well! 

Marx is Back

MARX IS BACK (a play on history)
“Why have I returned? to clear my name!”
AstaroTheatro presents a monologue by Howard Zinn adapted and performed by Roberto Bacchilega.

Karl Marx is disgusted by media declaring him dead again and again. Karl Marx is back to remind us that his ideas are more alive than ever. He revisits memories of his courageous life and revolutionary theories. We learn about his family, his struggles and the boils on his arse.

The doors of the event are opened from 19:30 and will close at 20:00 so be on time!
-Free entry-
Afterwards there is room for some drinks and discussion about the play.

Time and location:
The Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands (CJB)
Haarlemmerweg 177

‘The Volcanos’ (work in progress)

Why did Van Gogh paint the “Sunflowers”?

“I am hearing the earth…there is always an interaction between the earth and heaven. It is as if heaven is reaching down..”

“The Volcanos” a Philosophical Performance about life potential, displacement, deconstruction, urgency…
(work in progress – stay tuned)

An AstaroTheatro and Alli Mana ǀ Poetry Performance and Theatre with
Vasiliki Koutrouli, Arif Murat Gür, Silvia Terribili, Renato Ferreira, Roberto Bacchilega

She Owl at AstaroTheatro

She Owl at AstaroTheatro
Thursday 23 November, 20:30
She Owl

It’s getting harder and harder to lock She Owl in a specific genre-cage. Up till now the duo has been experimenting with dream folk in their first full-length ‘She Owl’ (2013), then with psychedelic tribal anthems in the following record ‘Animal Eye’ (2015).
Described as “an emotional journey on David Lynch’s Lost Highway, with Bat for Lashes and P.J. Harvey on the front seats”, She Owl’s “Drifters Ep” gathers powerful soundscapes and haunting ballads with a dream-pop texture, sealed and delivered by Bay Area producer George S. Rosenthal.
The EP is a soundtrack for Jolanda’s surreal dream about war and deliverance. The music of She Owl gets more majestic and punchy at once, pouring out the duo’s nomadic soul, with adventurous vocals and instrumental harmonizations. The lyrics are a definitive statement about the times we’re in: if “the war within is the war outside”, we can face our fears and joys, and we can stop pretending we are not responsible.
Entrance € 5

Madhav Agarwal at AstaroTheatro

Madhav Agarwal at AstaroTheatro
Saturday 18 November, 20:30
Madhav Agarwal is a musician and producer from close to Delhi, India currently based in Den Haag, Netherlands. Trained in Hindustani (North Indian) Classical, Sufi, Jazz and Western Contemporary Experimental music, the music he makes is an amalgamation of the music cultures of the East and the West, the avant garde and the traditional. 

Keeping soul and raw energy as the common denominators, Madhav uses traditional Indian instruments (harmonium, voice, tanpura, tabla, bansuri, sitar) to create visceral sounds that belong to no time or era yet are accessible to anyone who is seeking new experience and sensation.
Entrance by Donation

James Oesi at AstaroTheatro

James Oesi at AstaroTheatro
Friday 10 November, 20:30

“A sensitive and knowlegdeable musician who has much to share and a very natural and confident performer.” Gary Karr, world renown bass soloist
“If you have a man like James Oesi, then you know it’s there, it sounds good, and the bass is a solo instrument.” Hans Haffmans, host of Dutch NPO Radio 4

“Here was a young musician of uncommon intelligence and insight, clearly destined, given the right encouragement, to contribute to the world of music not only as a player but a creative force.” Geoffrey Simon, acclaimed conductor and record producer

Since his arrival in The Netherlands in 2009, double bassist James Oesi has become a well known face in the classical and contemporary music world. As one of the few concentrating on the bass as a solo instrument, he has performed solo programmes (including works by Bach, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff, among others) in prominent venues such as Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, Utrecht’s TivoliVredenburg, The Oosterpoort in Groningen, Bach Festival Dordrecht, CrossLinx Festival and at festival Wonderfeel (where his concert was later named by Dutch National Public Radio 4 as one of the festival’s highlights).
Entrance by Donation

Adam’s Other Rib @ Teatro Lux Pisa Italy

Adam’s Other Rib
AstaroTheatro @ Teatro Lux Pisa, Italy
Friday 27 October, 21:00

The man dreams and the dream takes form.
The dream is a nothingness dressed in expectations and will.
Then it becomes.
Through machinery and science. Blind and obedient.
The man takes his own rib – playing God – and with his rib makes his image’s desire.
But that was the Professor’s mistake. He anchored his dream in a false fantasy.
And from love he built poison.
His undying creation sealing his mortality.

An AstaroTheatro Production