Our Footsteps – The New Theatre

Our Footsteps – The New Theatre
Our migrants and refugees theatre collective is moving on to a fresh new start after
covid-19 forced disruption of our creative process.
We are determined to challenge all limitations imposed by ‘social’ distancing transforming these limits into a new theatre narrative.
So here we are again with our workshops and with the continuation of our artistic journey which at the same time it’s also a new beginning.

As a consequence of covid-19 theatre is suffering more than ever because of lack of fundings.
Our kind of independent theatre is particularly vulnerable and needs support just to pay our traveling costs and production costs.
So please consider donations to keep us going towards a more inclusive and artistic society.
Check our donation options on www.ourfootsteps.nl

Our Footsteps is a project by AstaroTheatro, IIRE and Stichting Vrolijkheid


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