World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day 20 June

Being a refugee means to be part of a broader discourse of systemic racism.
The condition of a refugee is not to have a status, hence no rights. And even receiving a status only means to be a second rank citizen without equal opportunities.
These conditions are dictated by policies of racist discrimination and therefore they are pointless and inhuman.

This short film documents the making of Our Footsteps. A Theatre Performance. Migrants’ narratives as an artistic affirmation of our human dignity and a call for political awareness.
We feel World Refugee Day is the right moment for this documentary film release.
As refugee lives matter, this is our contribution. It’s the evidence that it’s time to stop seeing the migrant as problematic or troublesome. It’s time to go beyond the politics of social segregation as mass distraction.

A documentary by Masood Banozadeh
Subtitles by Maral Jefroudi
Subtitles editing by Ohannes Karakas
A project by Stichting Vrolijkheid, IIRE and AstaroTheatro

Please come to the Refugee Lives Matter demonstration. We will be there too

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