a Reflection on Democracy

a Reflection on Democracy

Friday 13 December, 20:30
AstaroTheatro. Event here


Imperialism, colonial projects, free-market economic policies, union busting, war…all these things, and many more, have been justified and keep on being justified day after day under the name of Democracy.
Democracy, this word that is always lauded, claimed by right-wing parties and by left-wing ones just as well. They all bring it in their name as something worth fighting for, never really mentioning what they mean by it. This word, that in reality means Power to the people is more often simply interpreted as “delegate and stop caring, go vote and then in four, five years let’s see again”.
‘Cause if we are living under the people’s rule, and therefore our own rule, why is it that there is a constant feeling of loss of autonomy and self-determination over our own lives? It comes necessary to reflect on this word, on this form of government that is so rarely practiced in full. To reflect around what Democracy even means in the first place and what we mean when we say we want a democratic system.
Who gets to be included in a democratic system and who is left out? Can a real democracy co-exist with a market-ruled capitalist system? On this evening, we are going to screen a series of interviews with contemporary thinkers, activists and common people on the concept and the implications of democracy, we hope that this will serve as a basis to reflect together on Democracy.

Screening and Open discussion
Free entrance

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