On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco in The Hague

‘On The Harmful Effects of Tobacco’
A theatre monologue by Anton Chekhov

Direction: Vasiliki Koutrouli
Starring: Roberto Bacchilega
Photography and Video: Melanja Palitta / BalansLaB

Saturday 2 November, 20:30
Haagse Toneelvereniging
Lange Lombardstraat 38, The Hague
(as part of the event ‘Constrained! An evening of theatre and poetry’)

“It is what it is, it’s all the same to me”, Ivan’s prologue.  Is that ostensible latency the main element of Ivan Ivanovich Nyukhin, the character of the monologue “On the harmful effects of tobacco”?
The way Ivan is “moving” looks like he lost his orientation in life. There is a force inside him that makes him unmovable. He is giving a lecture on the harmful effects of tobacco though he is smoker himself.  Why?  So many unfulfilled dreams, Don Quixotic ambitions condemned to fail into the dull routine of daily life.
In our interpretation of the play there is something “new”, like the sense of hope that a new born baby is giving.  We welcome you to discover it!


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