Leonore Boulanger+Ell Sol


On their fourth album of deconstructed chanson, Léonore Boulanger and Jean- Daniel Botta, assisted by drummer and percussionist Laurent Seriès, have taken a major step up. If previous album Feigen Feigen was, by the band’s own admission, something of a puzzle then Practice Chanter could be likened to a mosaic, due to the sheer quantity and variety of sonic fragments that is somehow made to cohere in these 16 wild, wonderful tracks. But even that doesn’t quite do justice to a 3D vision that can maintain so many disparate elements in uneasy equilibrium – I suspect the cubist female portrait on the sleeve is an attempt to convey a similar idea.

Joan Mena is a solo artist, guitarist, multi instrumentalist, organizer, performer, improviser and multitask from Catalonia based in The Netherlands.
His groundbreaking performances push the boundaries of contemporary music with the soul and sensibility of an artist looking to connect in deeper ways with his audiences. Primarily in his native Catalan, his lyrics transcend language with penetrating melodies and a familiar but unconventional delivery.
Inspired by DIY world-touring Joan Mena presented his last work PWALUGU in 16 countries around 3 continents in the last years.
Nou Principi is his very new work, an acoustic volcano of questions and answers
performed with the percusionist Rubén Castillo and the maestro James Hewitt at viola. New begginings and other endings in a powerful set of songs.
‘’Does Catalonian balladry involve a lot of sighing, whispering, squawking and screeching? Well regardless if it does or it doesn’t we got that. Charming and very surprising show, a whole new approach to playing a guitar. ̈
Richard James Foster -The Quietus, Louder than War, Vice… (Incendiary Magazine )

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