Inter.Nos Festival at AstaroTheatro

Inter.Nos Festival at AstaroTheatro 

Friday 13 September, 20:30
The Hamlet Machine
Rudolf Watzlawik Ceschia
13 - Rudolf Watzlawik Ceschia - The Hamlet machine

Saturday 14 September, 20:30
Between Worms & Gods
Juan C. Tajes
Country: Uruguay/The Netherlands; Language: English
21 - Juan C. Tajes - Between worms & gods
Saturday 14 September, 21:30
The Things of Death
Alejandra Nettel
Country: Mexico; Language: Spanish
22 - Alejandra Nettel - The things of death
Sunday 15 September, 15:00
Video Lounge
Mariana Behoteguy Chaves
Rudolf Watzlawik Ceschia
Juan C. Tajes
Rodrigo M. Malmsten
23 - Video Lounge

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation

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