On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco
by Anton Chekhov
Friday 19 October, 20:30 (last performance)
1902, The Harmful Effects of Tobacco.
This is the final of the six different versions of the play from 1886 to 1902 which illustrates the transformation in Chekhov’s approach to the revelation of character on stage. Older version was designed to amuse the audience with solely external comic effects. Now, the emphasis has entirely changed and replaced by a subtle psychological analysis of the inner man.
Who is this man? Who is Ivan Ivanovich Nyukhin?
A dramatic monologue which depends on inner rather than outer action of the actor. 2018, Chekhov raises the mirror in front of modern people “have a look at yourselves and see how bad and dull your lives are…Why won’t you do something to change it?”. AstaroTheatro presents the monologue of Chekhov trying to bridge the mystic world of a man and his real down to earth life.
Without being aware we are all preparing for something “big” to come, what might be that? Will it lead us to catharsis?
With Roberto Bacchilega
Staged by Vasiliki Koutrouli
Pictures by Cenk Dövyap
Entrance by donation


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