Saturday Mothers


Mothers of Victims
Mothers of Resistance
Screaming in silent protest their accusation to authoritarian totalitarian fascist regimes.
Witnessing with their presence that resistance to tyrannical state-sponsored oppression is possible and it’s here to stay
Asking questions that matter. What have you done to our beloved ones? Why have you tortured, murdered and made disappear the voices of dissent, the existence of the other.

From Saturday Mothers in Turkey to Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina to all of us in the world. For memory and on-going resistance

Activists, Artist, Humans of No Borders. Be together Saturday 29 October at NieuwLand Amsterdam

Saturday Mothers (Turkey) & Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo (Argentina)
Poetry… Music…Dance… Video… Theatrical Presentation…Performance…Politics

This is an event with many languages, organized by a group called ‘laatse Zaterdag’, composed of poets, writers, and artists based in Amsterdam. By organizing cultural events, we look into the state of the world, with ethical and aesthetical witnesshood. We use the language of art and culture to engage with the politics of the world. We hope to transform and collectivize our concerns. We are interested in collectivity created through these events.

This first event is about ‘disappearance murders’, specifically about Saturday Mothers/People in Turkey, but also other similar histories all over the world, like Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo in Argentina.
Saturday Mothers/People are families of disappeared and murdered people in the 90s in Turkey, who have been demonstrating every Saturday in a busy square in Istanbul, demanding an answer for disappearance of their lost ones. The demonstration has its 705th week this Saturday.

Doors open at 19:00.

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