Inter.Nos Festival Events

Intern.Nos Festival Amsterdam

Friday 14 September from 17:00
You are Welcome!

Inter.Nos Festival Grand Opening Parade
from AstaroTheatro through Warmoesstraat to Microteatro and then to Warmoesstraat 67 with Art Exhibition Opening



Friday 14 September, 17:00.
Warmoesstraat Outdoors Sint Jansstraat 37-W109-W67

Grand Opening Parade
Grand Opening with SingerG. A cappella choir

Friday 14 September, 19:00 
Grand Opening Warmoesstraat Outdoors at Warmoesstraat 109
Saturday 22 September, 17:00
Felice. Love Letter About Harmony
by Eta ⊙ Eleonora Liparoti

Friday 14 September, from 19:00
Warmoesstraat Outdoors at Warmoesstraat 109

Saturday 15 September, from 21:00
Saturday 22 September, from 17:00

A Vegan Soup
A soup is more than you suspect
Exercise in discovering layers of (non)sense
Short Theater Sessions by Silvia Terribili

Friday 14 September, 22:30
Saturday 15 September, 22:00

Tiger Harmonium
voice and harmonium
with tiger lila gabriella sacco
rock history classics with intervals of poetic compositions

Saturday 15 September, 16:00
Warmoesstraat Outdoors at Warmoesstraat 109
In Between
with Lila Goga & Petyr Veenstra
in between
anti-rhythms & contextual noise
with petyr veenstra & gabriella sacco
Saturday 15 September, 20:30
Saturday 22 September, from 21:00 (double bill+1)
The Man Called Sams. By Victor Sams
The man called Sams: Singer, Composer, Ngoni and Djembe player. A Caribbean native. A gentle autodidact soul that has been shaped and formed by his experiences into a fine and unique piece of art.
An experienced cultural social educator in the classroom and inter-cultural communicator on stage.
His music and instruments tell the story of his amazing adventurous journey through the hills and valleys of the spectrum of his life.
The title of his performance is Victor Sams (which is his full name) telling the story of The Man Called Sams!

Saturday 15 September, 21:00. AstaroTheatro
Everything I know About Love
A Stand-Up Com(nication) by Joaquim Pedro Ferreira
A 4 parts conversation about everything I know about Love
1) How it appeared
2) How it grows
3) How it is maintained
4) The Fulfillment of Love and other Considerations
Small Summary: I know things about Love and I can share them with you in the middle of some laughter and tears.


Saturday 16 September, from 12:00
Long Durational Performances
Warmoesstraat Outdoors at Warmoesstraat 67

Sunday 16 September, 19:00
Sunday 23 September, 16:30
The Departure of the Master
A Performance on Leonard Cohen

Friday 21 September, 19:00. AstaroTheatro
Bette ou Belle 
cinematic poetry / performance
A current-time reflection on the 16th century story about the relationship of two accidental friends – Moenen and Mariken – where she leads the way in a forest that he showed her. Meditations on nature, society, god, the human condition, and the spiritual costs of modernity.
Piling layer upon layer of information and sensations – two contrasting voices, echoing the snatches of half-forgotten dreams, or lives that have crossed.
Mariken – Meer
Moenen – Theo Jennissen
Bette ou Belle

Friday 21 September, 20:30AstaroTheatro
On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco
1902, The Harmful Effects of Tobacco.
This is the final of the six different versions of the play from 1886 to 1902 which illustrates the transformation in Chekhov’s approach to the revelation of character on stage. Older version was designed to amuse the audience with solely external comic effects. Now, the emphasis has entirely changed and replaced by a subtle psychological analysis of the inner man.
Who is this man? Who is Ivan Ivanovich Nyukhin?
A dramatic monologue which depends on inner rather than outer action of the actor.
2018, Chekhov raises the mirror in front of modern people “have a look at yourselves and see how bad and dull your lives are…Why won’t you do something to change it?”.
World premiere, AstaroTheatro and Inter.Nos Festival present the monologue of Chekhov trying to bridge the mystic world of a man and his real down to earth life. Without being aware we are all preparing for something “big” to come, what might be that? Will it lead us to catharsis?
With Roberto Bacchilega
Staged by Vasiliki Koutrouli
Tobacco DEF

Friday 21 September, 21:30. AstaroTheatro
“How to be Riccardo”

“How to be Riccardo” is a self-written Forum Theatre play that presents the topic of toxic masculinity. The play accompanies Riccardo from briefly before birth until his adult life showing how males are faced with different kinds of pressure and oppression from family, friends and the society on how to “become a real man”. The masculinity as presented to Riccardo recreates the male stereotype which is reinforced in mainstream pop-culture, through different encounters with choices need to be made, and expected to be made following a clear path of manhood.
“How to be Riccardo” is going to be performed for the first time in Amsterdam and was first presented in the Berlin Kuringa Forum Theatre Festival earlier in 2018.What is Forum Theatre?
Forum Theatre is one of the participatory theatre techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed – created by Augusto Boal. It is referred to a short play which shows a multifaceted situation that a certain group of people is dealing with. The play is performed twice. The first time the main character (the protagonist) is trying to reach a certain goal, but through the oppression he/she faces, the protagonist will not succeed. The second time, the audience becomes a so-called ‘spect- actor’ and as such is not merely a ‘spectator’ anymore. The audience thinks the protagonist should do something different to reach her/his goal and steps forward to replace the protagonist and show what he/she would do in this situation. A facilitator (Joker) enables the communication and reflection between the players and the audience.

Saturday 22 September, from 14:00. Inside Yard Warmoesstraat 67
DEO KENOSIS: Waiting for Confession
Intern.NosFestival, Amsterdam, NL 22 September 2018
I will be sitting on a chair where you can’t see my face. I can’t see you either. But I can hear you. And I want to hear you. I am here waiting to hear your confession. No matter how much time you want to spend, no matter what you want to say.
I am here to receive your words and talk to you. Only our voices will be heard.
How much do we expand ourselves to “hear” the other?
How much we widen our existence beyond the safety of our closed world?
Deo Kinosis

Saturday 22 September, 15:00
Warmoesstraat Outdoors at Warmoesstraat 109

YOUR PUBLIC SPACE – Under New Management
Grainne Delaney & Lila Goga
Your Public Space-Under New Management
We invite you to collaborate with us to make this public space your own
Step 1. Think
What do you do to feel ‘at home’?
Step 2. Choose
Which actions, behaviours, words or objects will you use?
Step 3. Delegate
a person for time and record button
Step 4. Start the clock
You have 60 seconds
Step 5. Share
Add your photo to our archive
Congratulations you have reclaimed this public space as yours

Saturday 22 September, 16:00. AstaroTheatro
Pwalugu. Music from the World. Ell Sol

Saturday 22 September, from 18:030 AstaroTheatro
Female Parts. Poetry in Performance
A cornucopia of monologue, dialogue and poetry in performance from 3 exceptional actresses.
Not the physical anatomy, or Leading Lady parts, but the everyday, mundane parts.
The parts of us that struggle for recognition, or long for a sense of belonging, while we are still busy nurturing and nourishing those around us.
Jacqueline Nolan is a published playwright and journalist with a deep experience of performance – from radio broadcasts to training programs. She has also toured with her one-woman show, ‘Since Maggie Went Away’ throughout the Netherlands and at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Her most recent work is developing her poetic voice and at Inter.Nos Festival she will share her new poems based on the theme of redemption through Motherhood.
Harrowing, human and humorous.
Loveday Smith is an actor working in theatre, film, TV and voice over. In June she performed “Bed Among The Lentils” in Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” on a sell-out tour of the Netherlands. She loves to develop characters and tell stories; her own, or other people’s. She can also, on occasion, be persuaded to play the trumpet.
At Inter-Nos festival she will collaborate with Grainne Delaney on Ghost by Anne Carson.
Grainne Delaney is a theatre practitioner and teacher at the Hogeschool voor Kunst (Amsterdam & Utrecht) who also likes to devise and present her own work, as well as that of others. She loves to move people.
For this Inter.Nos Festival she will appear as Vanity Jones and present a monologue from David Ives as well as performing with Loveday.

Famale Parts image 2

Saturday 22 September, from 21:00 (double bill + 1)AstaroTheatro
Own Love
Company: Tango Now
Dancer, choreography and video editing: Ezequiel Sanucci
A single man, suffering a separation, discovers that he had forgotten himself. Instead of continuing to victimize and blaming his ex-wife for his misfortune, he decides to look for the answers within his heart.
This work deals with the typical theme of the love abandonment tango and in turn gives it a turn that makes it more in keeping with current times, as human beings live today. The drama and guilt give rise to an inner search through which this character who stops looking for love in the person who has left and discover true love for himself. The work uses video images with which the dancer interacts and enrich the scene. The work begins with a film of Carlos Gardel’s film “Cuesta abajo” to continue with images of energy, colors of the chakras and mandalas in movement. The character even talks to himself through video.
Self Love-Ezquiel Sanucci
Dos Abordo (double bill+1)

Sunday 23 September, 18:00. AstaroTheatro
beautiful day!
fluid matter, shapeless, magmatic, terra incognita.
extended time, fluctuating. in between


Saturday 23 September, 14:00AstaroTheatro
5 to midnight (movie screening)
CineArte Amsterda-Montevideo presenta:
5 para la medianoche– Five to midnight
Cortometraje de Jorge Menoni (40 minutos- 40 minutes)
‘5 to midnight’ with the performance of: Cristina Montenegro, Carlos Trafic, Rocío Laura, Ruben D. Lemetre, Leandro Staffa, Pablo Garrido, Ulla van der Vliet, Iru van der Vliet, Adám Campos, Julio Valdés Chamber and Marco Fuchs, Music Roberto Mancuso, Translated into English by Roberto Lieschke.
Sinopsis en Español e Inglés
Se puede parar el tiempo y hacerlo permanente?. ¿Puede toda una ciudad aceptar el absurdo de un decreto impuesto por el alcalde de Pueblo Esperanza de detener los relojes 5 para la medianoche para evitar la muerte de su hija?.
Can you stop time and make it permanent? Can the whole city accept the absurdity of a decree imposed by the Mayor of Pueblo Esperanza to stop the clocks 5 to midnight to avoid the death of his daughter?


Inter.Nos Festival at Microteatro
Warmoesstraat 109

Friday 14 September, from 20:00. Double Bill at Microteatro
Martha y Paula: LAS HIJAS DE RUTH
Dramatic reading by Martha Villada Márquez and Paula Lima of the play THE DAUGHTERS OF RUTH by the Colombian playwriter Gustavo Miranda. Spanish Language.
Lectura dramática por Martha Villada Márquez y Paula Lima de la obra LAS HIJAS DE RUTH del dramaturgo colombiano Gustavo Miranda. Idioma Español.

Saturday 15 September, 18.00. Microteatro
Ladia (dance)
by Sandra Kramerova
Lara_conditional resident_on default explores physical and emotional limitations, external impositions and power control. The dance addresses athletic, risky borderlines between freedom and confinement, presence and presentation, accomplishment and failure, exhaustion and revival. Inspired by female “superheroes” Nadia Comaneci and Lara Croft, the work questions absolute values such as freedom and liberation, embodying passionate inquiry about violence and the explosive potential of human physicality. (photo credit: Ian Douglas)
Saturday 15 September, 19.00. Microteatro
El Lamento (The Complaint) by Carlos Trafic
An ironic research inspired by Sophocles’ ANTIGONE in which King Creon is obsessed with the possibility that he will never die and be confronted with his own destiny.
In the original play Creon condemns Antigone, his niece, because she buried her brother Polyneces with honour. Polyneces was fighting against the city of Thebes where Creon was King. Creon forbid to bury him being enemy of the city. The decision of Creon to condemn Antigone to death leads to a series of events that leads to his fall. Deprived of everything: power, family, affection, he wants to die…Trafic picks up this moment with one thought: Because The King did not give the right to respect death. Death forbids him to die. In this case our story starts 2000 years later with Creon alive and complaining…Trafic welcomes the here and now of being on the stage, with a stock of absurdities, asking through the role of Creon, where is the limit between reality and hallucination.
His tools…? The IF of imagination, his shoulders, and sometimes his voice up-side –down.

Sunday 16 September, 20:00. Microteatro
Dracula Gay
Comedy and monologue in one act.

Friday 21 September, from 13:00
Poetry Day, Poetry Carnival, Erotic Poetry and Salon poétique
Microteatro and Warmoesstraat Outdoors

Friday 21 September, 18:00. Microteatro
Quien mira a quien? (Poetry Theatre)

Juan Carlos Estrada & Juan Carlos Tajes

Saturday 22 September, 17.00. Microteatro
A Journey with my Protomasks
Juan Tajes plays with his masks and presents a multitude of archetypes of human expression. He transforms into each of his masks and invites the audience to play with him in interactive participation in this celebration of expression and humor.
The public is the actor
foto (2)
Saturday 22 September, 18:30. Microteatro
Frida Kahlo/Des Ailes pour Volar
Lecture/Video by Veronica Rodrigues Quintal
Saturday 22 September, 19:30. Microteatro
Between Heaven and Earth – DE LEZING/DEMONSTRATIE
Walther Tjon Pian Gi
Op zaterdag 22 september geef ik tijdens het Inter.Nos festival mijn lezing/demonstratie over de heilige, rituele en trance dansen op Bali, dat ik ontwikkelde in het kader van de publicatie van mijn fotoboek “Between Heaven and Earth – Sacred and ritual dance in Bali” op 5 juli jl. De lezing wordt ondersteund door foto’s (andere dan in het boek, natuurlijk), video’s en hele korte live dansfragmenten uit de rituele Topeng Pajegan, het solo gemaskerde dansdrama waarin ik me op Bali specialiseerde.

Sunday 23 September, 17:30. Microteatro
OTHELLO – a grotesque/dramatic version addressing the theme of racism at a time when it is of particular relevance.

Sunday 23 September, from 19:00
AstaroTheatro Microteatro and Warmoesstraat District
Festival Closing Event
Fashion Catwalk starting at AstaroTheatro to Microteatro
by Rosa Albarran
La Llorona
Rosa Albarran, Grainne Delaney & Giselle Gael
Guitar: Jose Coyote Fuentes
Clarinet: Oscar Muixca
With the collaboration Carlos Trafic




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