Inter.Nos Call

Intern.Nos Festival Amsterdam
A New Season of Culture in the District

Call for artists operating indoors and outdoors

14 15 16 September
21 22 23 September

Picture by Cenk Dövyap

Microteatro Juan C. Tajes Art Studio
Warmoesstraat 109 B

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam

Warmoesstraat District

September: the start of the new cultural season. Two venues with a long artistic past, Microteatro and AstaroTheatro will be the centre in the centre. Artists of all disciplines will operate inside Microteatro and AstaroTheatro and outdoors. And this all in the heart of Amsterdam centre: Warmoesstraat District

The Festival is a new opportunity for the District to open up even more to Amsterdam and the world, so that anyone can find a new community through culture and entertainment

Be ready for theatre, performances, music, arts, poetry and dance
The festival is an open platform for artists to produce new works or to propose already existing ones.
It also marks the beginning of the new cultural season 2018/2019. Therefore it’s a good starting point to promote performances and activities for the coming season

Theatre, music or other performances at AstaroTheatro and at Microteatro should not be longer than 30/45 minutes. The time for outdoor performances may vary

For Inter.Nos Festival we welcome street artists as well: several outdoor activities will be programmed. Particularly we plan to organise a colourful street parade in the Warmoesstraat. Short street acts, music, poetry readings, performances, windows exhibitions of poetry and art, small music acts are among the possibilities

Artist of all disciplines are now welcome to apply to Inter.Nos Festival for two weekends of creativity and free fun.
Deadline for applications 8 July

Actors, dancers, mime players, singers (lyrics & popular), acoustic musicians, street artists, burlesque, fine arts, photographers, poets, video artists, digital artists… You are all welcome.

Call for Artists Deadline: 15 July
All events Free!


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