Slack Bird-Fabian Maddison-The James Bar Bowen Duo

Slack Bird-Fabian Maddison-The James Bar Bowen Duo at AstaroTheatro

Thursday 7 June, 20:30


Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation


Slack Bird is a banjo/accordion folk music duo or, depending on the occasion, a one-man band from Jyväskylä, Central Finland. This frequently touring act blends together Appalachian banjo traditions, Finnish folk music, and punk songs sung in both Finnish and English. In the upcoming spring Slack Bird hits the road across Europe once again with the release of their second album Aleta Au and brings their drony punk folk also to The Netherlands.


Fabian Maddison is a solo musician from the UK.
A multi instrumentalist Fabian combines old and new mixing traditional American old time and bluegrass with modern politics and themes in his own original songs.
As an experienced and well traveled performer with firm roots in the DIY punk and acoustic scene Fabian has toured extensively across the UK, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia even striking out as far and Australia and Southeast Asia in 2017. This relentless touring schedule has left a well rounded musician perfectly at home on a festival stage, a packed out club or a pub or squat floor.
Fabian Maddison is more than your average solo musician, you will find more than just songs designed to please teenagers and record labels here! This is one man, a shit tonne of energy, stories of the the modern traveling man, love, corn liquor and the DIY ethos!
Grab a jar and get that foot stomping!


James Bar Bowen is an acoustic folk-punk singer-songwriter, guitarist and story-teller. He has performed his songs all over the world (as far away as New Zealand, as near to his home as his living room in the North of England). Bowen plays mostly his own self-penned songs, and also runs songwriting and performance workshops. As a political songwriter, James Bar Bowen engages with many big political issues (migration, racism, climate change, gentrification, economic injustice) as well as more personal and individual perspectives on life, love and language. He performs with passion, humour, fury and a wry smile, always seeking to engage audiences old and new. At AstaroTheatro James Bar Bowen will perform as a duo with the accodionist Sam Bell.


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