AstaroTheatro Festival Saturday 19 May Evening Program

AstaroTheatro Festival 2018
10 years AstaroTheatro
Theatre&Activism > Omnia Sunt Communia
AstaroTheatro, the smallest theatre in Amsterdam, has been an Artistic Ithaca for hundreds of artists over the last 10 years of its existence
An Agora of Resistance

Saturday 19 May Evening Program
Saturday 19 May Evening Program

Patricia Cardona Roca & Matteo Pasquini
“Missionaries” by Mario Fratti
New Poster Missionaries

Missionaries is a short play written by Mario Fratti. Playwright, poet, writer, essayist and critic, was born in L’ Aquila on July 5, 1927. He lives in New York and his most acclaimed work is the musical “Nine”.

This production of Missionaries is directed by Noëlle Mauri actress, director and producer with a trajectory of more than 20 years in theatre, film and TV.

Missionaries is a play about the misconception of love and servitude in a religious context. A Mission in an undescribed African country where the characters beliefs clash with their actions justified by a twisted view of servitude and their vows. This extreme situation can be unfortunately easily seen in our everyday life independently of the country where you live.

Matteo Pasquini
Patricia Cardona
Assistant director:
Katerina Vira
Matteo Pasquini
Patricia Cardona

Matteo is an actor, playwright and producer. He has studied acting and theatre techniques with: F. de Lima (The Hague), Punchdrunk (London), N. Harvey (Munich) and B. Sisk (Venice). Matteo is one of the co-founders of 7MRP, an english-speaking theatre Group based in The Hague.

Patricia is a Spanish actress, singer and producer. She studied theatre and film in NYC where she performed in several productions like The Conduct of Life and Suicide Club. In Europe she has performed in The Hague, and the Fringe Festivals of Copenhagen and Frankfurt. The short film Don’t Go Too Far where she participates, has been selected for the Cannes Festival 2018. She is one of the co-founders of Leela NYC Theatre Festival

We would like to thank AATG and Mario Fratti supporting the production of Missionaries.

İmra Dinçer & Nuri Gazibeyoğlu
Ulrike’s Convicted Songs
Do we learn from our mistakes or does the history basically repeat itself? What is the boundary of expressing the desire to freedom and to a more equal life for each and every citizen? How far we can go in discussing the place of women in the society? What is the accurate definition of ‘terrorism’ and to whom the universal right of free trial applies?
We open Pandora’s Box, combining our brainstorming with some folk songs of which the prisoners of Turkey were singing during their jail time. In the course of ongoing military coups of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; some of the university students were condemned to death, many activists were sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. Those turbulent political periods even today create their own art forms. In our journey, the convicted melodies sail on a monologue from a Dario Fo play which drags us to the fierce words and jail time of controversial German journalist Ulrike Meinhof.

Joaquim Pedro Ferreira
Recent Stories from Nowhere (storytelling)
Juan C. Tajes
Stories Around a Piano
Nov-II 161

Can a man see in the dark?
Can a balcony commit suicide?
Can a man fall in love with a doll?
Can a man love the memory of a white dress?
Can a man sometimes think he is a horse?
Can some objects feel as if they were living characters?
All that is possible in the surreal dimension of a writer’s inner world.A piano waits on stage, the pianist harasses it, fights it, seduces it. But the piano wins, because it intimidates him, like he was intimidated by his first piano teacher.
Literary theater with masks and objects, based on stories and characters created by the Uruguayan writer Felisberto Hernández (1902-1964). More Dadaist than Surrealist, adventurer of the supernatural, he is, along with Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most brilliant representatives of the “fantastic River Plate”. He was also a failed musician and pianist, playing in bars, cafes and cinemas in small cities of his country. This subject is very present in his work. His compatriot Juan Carlos Tajes, comedian, writer, singer and visual artist, dedicated this work to him where they speak the author’s piano and his double alter egos.

AstaroTheatro Late at Night:
Ell Sol, Thea Soti, Duo Hoogland/Gürkal
AstaroTheatro Music Jam Session

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation

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