AstaroTheatro Festival Saturday 19 May Afternoon Program

AstaroTheatro Festival 2018
10 years AstaroTheatro
Theatre&Activism > Omnia Sunt Communia
AstaroTheatro, the smallest theatre in Amsterdam, has been an Artistic Ithaca for hundreds of artists over the last 10 years of its existence
An Agora of Resistance

Saturday 19 May Afternoon Program
Saturday 19 May Afternoon Program
Joaquim Pedro Ferreira
Master Class and An Open Conversation with Practical Exercises
Theatre Life and Education

“Why do we sacrifice so much energy to our art?
Not in order to teach others but to learn with them what our existence, our organism, our personal and repeatable experience have to give us; to learn to break down the barriers which surround us and to free ourselves from the breaks which hold us back, from the lies about ourselves which we manufacture daily for ourselves and for others; to destroy the limitations caused by our ignorance or lack of courage; in short, to fill the emptiness in us: to fulfill ourselves…art is a ripening, an evolution, an uplifting which enables us to emerge from darkness into a blaze of light.”
― Jerzy Grotowski
theater Education and life
In the modern society education has been systematized to achieve maximum results in the scientific state of mind that Western Countries achieved.
But what if this rush to teach scientific skills and arm children with the tools to become very productive in the modern world was in fact detrimental to a healthy and happy society?
We teach our children complex subjects but we don’t teach them how to deal with complex feeling and complex human problems.
In the most advanced civilization ever we are strangely unhappy.
In a civilization that offers free time and pleasures as never before we are depressed.
And yet we have a repertoire of tools that help us to achieve a safer, happier and better view of the world and ourselves. But these tools are abandoned, lost in drawers, closed in forgotten lockers.
And one of the best of all, theater is losing ground to newer and more plastic ways of finding pleasure.
Why is theatre so close to education and art and so far from the life of the vast majority of people.
That is what I want to tell you about not only with words but with meaningful exercises. 

Ell Sol
Pwalugu. Music from the WorldEll Sol17:00-18:00
Juan C. Tajes
On Travel with my Protomasks

Nov-IV 195
Juan C. Tajes plays with his masks and presents a multitude of archetypes of human expression. From the silence, from the presence, the gaze, the body, the theatrical space, a world is presented that is populated by proto-figures, of prehuman beings, of primitive organisms whose original expressions are expressed in a universal language.

Juan C. Tajes transforms into each of his masks and invites the audience to play with him in interactive participation in this celebration of expression and humor.
Duo Hoogland/Gürkal
Turkish Folk Music

Duo Hoogland/Gürkal focuses on Turkish folk music songs from different regions of Turkey. Eva Hoogland has dedicated herself to Turkish folk music singing, while Giray Gürkal, originally an improviser and guitarist, plays the saz and fretless guitar. They mostly approach the music traditionally, while sometimes also bending the music towards their own perspectives.

Silvia Terribili
Sharona 3
An interactive session exploring new forms of encounters among humans and algebric entities. Dare to meet the near future, prepare your questions, discover your inner algorithms.
Too absurd not to be taken seriously.
A  theater monologue/dialogue written and performed by Silvia Terribili
Thea Soti
Noise Songs
thea soti_noise songs

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Entrance by Donation

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