Monsieur Teste (additional performance)

Monsieur Teste
“Dark Reflections of an Illuminated Mind”
Saturday 28 April, 20:30
(Additional Performance)

AstaroTheatro presents Paul Valéry's Monsieur Teste - April 2018
By Paul Valéry
Translated by Jackson Mathews
Adapted by Zbigniew Maciak

The Cast
Edmond Teste – Joost van Oosterhout
Emilia, his wife – Henrietta Bryant
Paul, his friend – Roberto Bacchilega
Priest Mosson – Alexander Singh
The Angel – Julia Landau

Puppets – Joaquim Pedro Ferreira
Sound track – Joost van Oosterhout
Stage-frame construction – Björn Gudmundson
Video & poster – Martina Gudmundson
Photos – Tatjana Todorovic

Directed by Zbigniew Maciak in collaboration with the actors and the Puppet Master

An AstaroTheatro Production

“Monsieur Teste” was introduced to the world in 1896.
In 1925 Valéry wrote:
“Coming back to Monsieur Teste… a character of this kind could not survive in reality for more than a few quarters of an hour.”
Thanks to the magic of theatre he will stay with us a while longer.

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