Jordi Pelach at AstaroTheatro

Jordi Pelach at AstaroTheatro
Sunday 22 April, 17:00 (matinee)

Jordi Pèlach is originally from the countryside, but his songs have a strong taste of his adoptive Barcelona. And more specifically, that vital and colorful Barcelona that springs to the most unsuspected corners, the strongholds that have not yet yielded to low cost tourism. Fine melodies that resonate with force despite its fragility. Silk melancholy and arrangements that refer to living rooms with little light, and those untimely hours in which the rigidity of the day to day gives way to reflection and, why not, the dreams. He has a voice. That voice, of serious tone and unique and untransferable finishes, that explains stories and short distances in each verse, a strange and simple poetry with strong dark/light contrasts.

Pèlach is a singular character, and it had become clear after two self-edited demos and a his album “La cambra Freda, 2015” (The cold room), recorded with a pop-rock band, surprising for his iconoclasts ways, some dark psychedelic mood, and a weird sense of humor mixed with touching melodies and lyrics. He dispenses with impostures and sings as he speaks, as he lives. That’s why his work is frank and sincere. Folk and pop are impregnated with Mediterranean essences, where Nick Drake, Bonnie Prince Billy, Bon Iver or Townes Van Zandt drink some gipsy wine in the Barceloneta beaches at winter.

After his first album, he was pointed as one of the most promising characters in the Catalan scene for the local press. He doesn’t seems impressed about that. He spend the last two years playing once a month in a private club in the city center, or doing couch concerts for friends, also composing music for short independent movies. Not using social media anymore, for artistic and ethical reasons. He’s not looking outside but inside, inside himself which maybe means inside human nature.


In this concert, he will present his new songs, more skeletal than ever, sometimes asymmetrical or surprisingly short and schematic. Touching and strangely beautiful, mixing some of his finest old-fashioned tunes with articulated thoughts and some kind of a punk attitude. His concerts are an act of flow, in line with the existing energy in the room. It can be a drama or a comedy, like life itself. Here and now, are we human or not? Are we alive?

“Ningú estima el carter” (Nobody loves the postman) is the provisional title of the new album, which reveals a personal story, full of masks and reflections on otherness. The beauty and the combat of being genuine: you may lose, but hey: what a trip. Amsterdam will be the starting point of it all.

Entrance by Donation

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