AstaroTheatro Festival


AstaroTheatro Festival 2018
10 years AstaroTheatro
Theatre&Activism > Omnia Sunt Communia

Friday 18, Saturday 19, Sunday 20 May
Three days of Uncontrolled Arts

Call for Artists

To celebrate the 10th birthday of AstaroTheatro, the festival is an open platform for artists to produce new work or propose already existing ones
Artists of all disciplines are now welcome to apply to AstaroTheatro Festival for 3 days of creativity and free fun. Deadline for applications: 30 April
All events will be free to attend

Rebels Revolutionaries Visionaries
Performers TheatrePeople Musicians Dancers Painters
Loonies Fools Rejected by Capitalist Societies

Be welcome to perform and join us at AstaroTheatro
Friday 18, Saturday 19, Sunday 20 May

To be part of AstaroTheatro Festival 2018, send an email to 
describing the work you would like to present

AstaroTheatro, the smallest theatre in Amsterdam, has been an Artistic Ithaca for hundreds of artists over the last 10 years of its existence
An Agora of Resistance  

A Space of Counter-Narratives
A truly independent place where we can meet outside the logics of neoliberal market and corporate supremacy

Sint Jansstraat 37 
Want to know more? Read our Manifesto Poetico in the page 10 Years AstaroTheatro

AstaroTheatro Festival-Call for Artists 1

(Pictures by Tatjana Todorovic)


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