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The Volcanoes

“I am hearing the earth…there is always an interaction between the earth and heaven.
It is as if heaven is reaching down…”
Van Gogh


“The Volcanoes” are current Odysseus’s who are wandering around, displaced and destroyed. They are souls who are “carrying” the confusion, the illusions and the chaos of humanity… they are down there, feeling the cutoff of the true soul.

“The Volcanoes” is a philosophical performance which attempts to connect the “broken” parts of cosmos. Illusions, blindness and chaos are the “broken parts” that keep the humanity in darkness. They would like to bring back the light, to restore…to reconnect…who is ready to take this “journey”?

Stage composition: Alli Mana ǀ Poetry Performance and Theatre Group
Preparation and Stage Direction: Vasiliki Koutrouli
Text’s composition: Alli Mana ǀ Poetry Performance and Theatre Group
Performers: Roberto Bacchilega, Arif Murat Gür, Vasiliki Koutrouli, Silvia Terribili
Music composition | impro | on stage: Renato Ferreira
Photo credits: Tatjana Todorovic

“The Volcanoes” performance is inspired and initiated by a theatre play by Arif Murat Gür

Friday 16th, Saturday 17th  February, 20:30
Sunday 18th February, 17:00 (matinee)

AstaroTheatro |
Sint Jansstraat 37 

An AstaroTheatro and Alli Mana ǀ Poetry Performance and Theatre production
Entrance by Donation


Treading the Abyss (additional performances)

Treading the Abyss
Six Twenty Seven PM
(After the successful premiere weekend, again on stage!)
There’s a fog in your head when you tread through the abyss. There’s fog all around you.
And all the broken umbrellas in the street flapping in the wind are like dead birds.
The men who count suicides are liable to include themselves.
Loneliness is the colour of ash and feathers, and you know you have to go.
It’s almost 6.27 pm and the dark streets are filled with yellow lights and despair.
And the girl steps onto the highest roof in the city and looks down.
There’s nothing wrong with her. Nothing that a kiss couldn’t fix.

A theatre play written and directed by Joaquim Pedro Ferreira

The Stagehand: Eleftheria Vakaki
Two Heads: Roberto Bacchilega & Francis Cox
Girl: Athina Kazouri
Man: Alexander Singh
She: Athina Kazouri
He: Alexander Singh
Patient: Johan Statius Muller
Lover: Sona Prakash
Father: Johan Statius Muller
Daughter: Athina Kazouri
Youngster: Alexander Singh
Creature: Sona Prakash


Images: Belén Apaz
ShowTime Pictures: Tatjana Todorovic

Friday 9 and Saturday 10 February, 20:30
Sint Jansstraat 37

An AstaroTheatro and Ritual Movement Production
Entrance by Donation