Open Call Urgent Rebellion

Rebels Revolutionaries Visionaries
Performers TheatrePeople Musicians Dancers Painters
Loonies Fools Rejected by Capitalist Societies

 Old Friends and New Comrades

 OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro
will not change the world of neoliberal crimes against humanity
and alone it’s only a tiny challenge to the hegemony of corporate mediocrity in the arts

 Yet OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro aims at making clear
that an alternative narrative is possible
A narrative not seen in the realm of money-making profit-oriented creativity
A narrative refreshing and powerful like a poem heard in the wind
A narrative of daily rebellion to advanced capitalism in all human activities
A narrative of resistance to pornification of life as a commodity
A narrative of independence

So let’s be clear:
this is an open call, an invitation to you
OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro
Urgent Rebellion
will be pleased to welcome you
Saturday 20 January from 20:30
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam

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