‘The Great Enchantment of Timelessness (Love)’
IMG_1402 2
R. Mutt in Timelessness
The challenge of being a ‘quote’ instead of a regular theatre character was the starting point of my performer’s journey in Timelessness. The conceptual artistic statement of ‘The fountain’ by Marcel Duchamp, its Dadaistic environment, hanged above my head. Then I found my character living his own life inside the Timelessness performance. I discovered that R. Mutt in Timelessness represents another dimension comprising Marcel Duchamp’s pseudonym and yet breaking free from it. The madness, extravaganza and the cry for attention of R. Mutt. His desperation and his tenderness. And his grotesque, quasi-funny dimension. With this consciousness I could go through the creative process of bringing a provocative image, food for phantasy and inspiration, to the audience of our performance.
Roberto Bacchilega. Artistic Director and Performer at AstaroTheatro

Sept 23, 20:00
Sept 24, 14:00
Sept 24, 20:00
Theater De Camaleon
Derde Kostverlorenkade 35 Amsterdam

Saxephina Ernst – Silvia Terribili
R. Mutt – Roberto Bacchilega
Geisha Girl Dadadu – Gabriella Sacco
Topdog Fritz – Tejo Janssen
Devilcat Bellsybabble – Fleur Koswee
Shadowman – Sanne Pillipes
Miss QQ – Jade Rijswijk
Prof. Russolo

Dance, mime, act through the world’s of early 20th century art

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