Themis & Lombroso

Themis & Lombroso
by Bilgesu Erenus
Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam
Themis & Lombroso plays again Friday 15 September, 20:30
at AstaroTheatro Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
The performance will be in live video streaming with playwright Bilgesu Erenus in Istanbul

The Answers Inside Questions
“Why cannot Themis, the Goddess of Justice, feel safe with her Sword, her Blindfold and her Scale? Why is there blood on her Sword?
Does her Blindfold, the symbol of her neutrality, represent the indifference of today, or the addiction to Capitalism?
Can her Scale, the symbol of the fair distribution of justice, be sustained in the current global capitalist conditions?
Is she content that she has already lost her pedestal of the Goddess of Justice to the criminologist Lombroso, the inventor of innate criminal theory?
Does the belief of both Themis and Lombroso that the salvation of all humanity can only take place when the notion of Justice reaches the level of Social Justice, stem from truth or desperation?”
Bilgesu Erenus

“Ah darling, we don’t need our reproductive organs to seed the world and be seeded”
With the Gezi protest as a background, Turkish playwright and activist Bilgesu Erenus tickles the audience with a theatre play of amazing universal interest.

Themis: Silvia Terribili
Lombroso: Roberto Bacchilega
Image: Esra Sakir
Graphics: Huseyin Karadeli
Costumes: Özlem Tabar Miçooğulları
Directed by Arif Murat Gür
An AstaroTheatro and Alli Mana Group Production

Free Entrance

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