The Grouch

The Grouch
Studies in Misanthropy aka Hating Humanity is a Waste of Time

Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam 2017
Based on Menander’s “Dyskolos” (‘The Misanthrope”)
First produced in Athens in 316 B.C.
Translated by Vincent Rosivach and Others
Adapted by Zbigniew Maciak

Saturday 9 September, 20:30
Sunday 10 September, 18:30
Thursday 14 September, 20:30
Sunday 17 September, 18:30
At Microteatro-Juan C. Tajes Art Studio
Warmoessstraat 109 Amsterdam
(be on time, limited amount of seats)
The cast:
Pan, the god – Juan C. Tajes
Getas, the slave – Joost van Oosterhout
Knemon, the misanthrope – Roberto Bacchilega
Simikhe, the woman slave – Silvia Terribili
Masks and Costumes – Juan C. Tajes
Music – Joost van Oosterhout, Juan C. Tajes and Guests
Graphics: Belen Apaz
Directed by Zbigniew Maciak in collaboration with the actors
An AstaroTheatro and TaBaJuCa Production
This Ancient Greek comedy gives a portrait of the First Misanthrope.
In a turn of events, confronted with neighbours and the supernatural powers of the Nymphs, (who dwell in the sanctuary next-door) – this mean, troublesome man, (who hates literally all humanity), is forced to go through a well-deep, spiritual journey.

Free Entrance


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