Free Fringe Festival 2017 & AstaroTheatro

Free Fringe Festival 2017 & AstaroTheatro
FFF 2017

AstaroTheatro Productions and Events for Free Fringe Amsterdam
AstaroTheatro Ten Years!

Thursday 7 September, 20:00
music/exhibition/book launch
AstaroTheatro kindly hosts the opening celebration of the 6th annual Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam. AstaroTheatro has been a happy home of the Free Fringe from the very start – thanks guys! Drop by for an evening of music, art & good cheer in the heart of the Wallen, with the musical stylings of
Tiger Harmonium
Sin Sin Collective
The festival opening is combined with a very special book launch & exhibition of Zoo Drawings by Molly Heady-Carroll.
ZOO DRAWINGS by Molly Heady-Carroll
exhibition & book launch

Molly Heady-Carroll is deeply interested in animals (reptiles in particular) and has dedicated herself to not only studying them through drawing, but also capturing their behaviour and personality through her work. Every week, Molly visits zoos, museums and farms to draw animals from life.
This exhibition showcases a selection of her animal art created over the past year. This show is also launching her new book Wekelijkse Dierentuin Tekeningen (Weekly Zoo Drawings).
When she isn’t drawing animals from life, Molly is inventing her own animals as a creature designer for games and animation. She currently lives in Bussum with her two leopard geckos, Spot & Dot, Poppy the tarantula, Laura the cat and (her favorite pet) Erik the boyfriend 😛

20:00//Thursday 7 September//ASTAROTHEATRO
& until 17 September

*** Themis & Lombroso
by Bilgesu Erenus
Friday 8 and 15 September, 20:30 at AstaroTheatro

Saturday 15, 16:30 at Vondelbunker, VondelPark 8a (under the bridge)

The Answers Inside Questions
“Why cannot Themis, the Goddess of Justice, feel safe with her Sword, her Blindfold and her Scale? Why is there blood on her Sword?
Does her Blindfold, the symbol of her neutrality, represent the indifference of today, or the addiction to Capitalism?
Can her Scale, the symbol of the fair distribution of justice, be sustained in the current global capitalist conditions?
Is she content that she has already lost her pedestal of the Goddess of Justice to the criminologist Lombroso, the inventor of innate criminal theory?
Does the belief of both Themis and Lombroso that the salvation of all humanity can only take place when the notion of Justice reaches the level of Social Justice, stem from truth or desperation?”
Bilgesu Erenus

Ah darling, we don’t need our reproductive organs to seed the world and be seeded”
With the Gezi protest as a background, Turkish playwright and activist Bilgesu Erenus tickles the audience with a theatre play of amazing universal interest.

Themis: Silvia Terribili
Lombroso: Roberto Bacchilega
Image: Esra Sakir
Graphics: Huseyin Karadeli
Costumes: Ozlem Tabar Micoglu
Directed by Arif Murat Gür

An AstaroTheatro and Alli Mana Group Production
Duration: 60 min.

The Grouch
Studies in Misanthropy aka Hating Humanity is a Waste of Time
Based on Menander’s “Dyskolos” (‘The Misanthrope”)
First produced in Athens in 316 B.C.
Translated by Vincent Rosivach and Others
Adapted by Zbigniew Maciak

Saturday 9 September, 20:30
Sunday 10 September, 18:30
Thursday 14 September, 20:30
Sunday 17 September, 18:30

At Microteatro-Juan C. Tajes Art Studio
Warmoessstraat 109 Amsterdam
(be on time, limited amount of seats)

The cast:
Pan, the god – Juan C. Tajes
Getas, the slave – Joost van Oosterhout
Knemon, the misanthrope – Roberto Bacchilega
Simikhe, the woman slave – Silvia Terribili
Masks and Costumes – Juan C. Tajes
Music – Joost van Oosterhout, Juan C. Tajes and Guests
Graphics: Belen Apaz
Directed by Zbigniew Maciak in collaboration with the actors
An AstaroTheatro and TaBaJuCa Production
This Ancient Greek comedy gives a portrait of the First Misanthrope.
In a turn of events, confronted with neighbours and the supernatural powers of the Nymphs, (who dwell in the sanctuary next-door) – this mean, troublesome man, (who hates literally all humanity), is forced to go through a well-deep, spiritual journey.

Duration: 60 min.



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