Pictures from Adam’s Other Rib

Pictures from Adam’s Other Rib
We are grateful to the theatre loving audience present at AstaroTheatro
It felt great to perform in this ambiance

Adam’s Other Rib
plays again Friday 23 June, 20:30

(Thank you Meritxell Batistti for this photos and for your dedication)

Adam’s Other Rib
A Play by Joaquim Pedro Ferreira, directed by Joaquim Pedro Ferreira

Helena: Eleftheria Vakaki
Professor Matthews: Roberto Bacchilega
Christophe: Alexander Singh
Audio, Animation and Video Support: Jose Manuel Buonamico and Meritxell Batistti
A Ritual Movement and AstaroTheatro Production
Photography: Tatjana Todorovic

The man dreams and the dream takes form.
The dream is a nothingness dressed in expectations and will.
Then it becomes.
Through machinery and science. Blind and obedient.
The man takes his own rib – playing God – and with his rib makes his image’s desire.
But that was the Professor’s mistake. He anchored his dream in a false fantasy.
And from love he built poison.
His undying creation sealing his mortality.

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