Alli Mana Pá K’Eho at HTIB

Alli Mana Pa K’Eho (I Do Not Have Another Mother)
Saturday 25 February, 19:00
at HTIB 1e Weteringsplantsoen 2 C AMSTERDAM
The members of Alli Mana / Poetry Performance & Theatre
found each other in their love for the power of the words in performance.

In the first production of the Alli Mana theatre company, ten performers share their stories on stage.
In ”Alli Mana Pa K’ Eho” (I Do Not Have Another Mother) in contact with poetry, commemoration and the art of forgetting, ten people (comprising actors and actresses, play writers, musicians and poets)
set a multi-language performance exploring and questioning the boundaries of time, the need of belonging, the beauty of sung and spoken words
– all inspired and driven by a common mission:
to build a bridge.

”Man resembles the place he lives in
Resembles its water, its soil

He resembles its sky in that his tears are blue
The sea in that his glances are rough
Houses, streets and corners
How much he resembles
And the dooryards
(His heart squeezed with a well curb)
And its words”
“The Voice of Blood on my Handkerchief”
Edip Canserver (Turkish poet ~ 1928-1986)
“Alli Mana Pa K’ Eho” (I Do Not Have Another Mother)
by Alli Mana / Poetry Performance & Theatre
Anna Papagiannaki Divani (English)
Lisa Luca (Italian / Sicilian)
Vasiliki Koutrouli (Greek)
Arif Murat Gür (Turkish)
Simona Beltrami (French)
Roberto Bacchilega (Italian / English)
Silvia Terribili (Italian / English)
Hüseyin Şahin (Kurdish)
Mehmet Çetin (Kurdish / Turkish)
Sewusen (Kurdish Music)

With poems by: T.S. Eliot, Franco Battiato, Vasilis Trikoupis, Edip Cansever, Marguerite Yourcenar, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Katerina Angelaki-Rook, Edoardo Sanguineti and own poems by: Mehmet Çetin, Hüseyin ?ahin and Silvia Terribili
A Quelli di Astaroth > AstaroTheatro production
in collaboration with Alli Mana / Poetry Performance & Theatre.
Saturday, 25 February, 19:00
HTIB(Turkish Workers Association in The Netherlands), Amsterdam
€10 Tickets will be available by the entrance on the day of the performance.
Back to 90s! after-party with drinks
hosting disco _ very channel from Studio85

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