Alli Mana | Poetry Performance & Theatre

Alli Mana | Poetry Performance & Theatre

Words in performance, oralities and our memory.
Man and language. Soil and water.

Founded in 2016 in Amsterdam, Alli Mana / Poetry Performance & Theatre is a treatrical company focusing on the production of poetry performances and the creation of new theatrical works.

In Alli Mana we operate mainly from the AstaroTheatro in Amsterdam and we study and produce our performances in collaboration with educational and cultural organisations in The Netherlands and abroad.

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Alli Mana / Poetry Performance and Theatre

Anna Papagiannaki Divani / mezzo soprano, performer
Lisa Luca / performer

Vasiliki Koutroui / actress, faciliator
Arif Murat Gur / actor, carpenter
Simona Beltrami / actress
Roberto Bacchilega / actor, performer, artistic director at AstaroTheatro
Silvia Terribili / actress
Huseyin Sahin / poet, performer
Mehmet Cetin / poet, performer
Sewusen / musician, performer

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