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Marx is Back

Marx is Back (a Play on History)
Friday 9 December, 20:30 at Joe’s Garage

marx-is-back-copyMARX IS BACK (a play on history)
“Why have I returned? to clear my name!”

Friday 9 December, 20:30 at Joe’s Garage
Pretoriusstraat 43hs Amsterdam

AstaroTheatro presents a monologue by Howard Zinn adapted and performed by Roberto Bacchilega

Karl Marx has had enough of seeing his revolution taken over by opportunists organizing each time a new priesthood and a new hierarchy, with excommunications and indexes, with inquisitions and firing squads. He is disgusted by media declaring him dead again and again. Karl Marx is back to remind us that his ideas are more alive than ever. He revisits memories of his courageous life and revolutionary theories. We learn about his family, his struggles and the boils on his arse.

Marx is Back is the opening of a themed evening with open discussion.
‘How far nowadays capitalism has gone. Ideas for resistance and the meaning of revolution in our times’

[P]roteus (bis) at VondelBunker

[P]roteus (bis) at VondelBunker
Saturday 3 December at 17:00 and Sunday 11 December at 17:00 (matinees)
by Zbigniew Maciak
inspired by the lost satyr play ‘Proteus’ by Aeschylus
performed 458 BC together with ‘The Oresteia’

Directed by Zbigniew Maciak in collaboration with the actors

Proteus: Roberto Bacchilega
Silenus: Juan C. Tajes
Menelaus: Roberto Genta
Echo: Eleftheria Vakaki
The Chorus of Satyrs: Joost van Oosterhout and Arif Murat Gür

Recordings: Jonathan Brown and Joost van Oosterhout
Barrels and Towers: Martina and Björn Gudmundson
Mask and Breast Plate: design by Juan C. Tajes, realized by Anna van ‘t Hoog
Poster Design: Martin Hrdina
Pictures: Tatjana Todorovic

An AstaroTheatro Production

VondelBunker VondelPark Amsterdam
The VondelBunker entrance is located at the furthest right entrance of the bridge
Check the Facebook events:
3 December
11 December
Entrance: Free! Donation afterwards are welcome.

Door open: 16.30
Start: 17.00

Tenedle Extended

Tenedle Extended
Live 2016
The best of Tenedle

Electronic Music
Visual Art

Sint Jansstraat 37 amsterdam

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