Docu-Film: Article 13

Docu-Film: Article 13

Saturday 5 November, 20:30

” The word Refugees always brings a lot of conflicting emotions. But what is hidden behind that word? Luca Paroni wanted to know it better, and decided to start his journey around that word! It was a journey “around the world” and around a “particular world”: the one of refugees and asylum seeker in the Netherlands.

Migration has always been a human instinct.
Talal and Jalal are two migrants who went succesfully through the asylum request process in Netherlands. Maryama, from Somalia, in the Netherlands since 5 years, still didn’t get any paper. Sjoerd (PvDA party) and Sharon (SP party) are two dutch politicians.Migration influences life of migrants but also life of the so called native population. Nowaday regulation, laws, government directives define if people are entitle to enter and stay in a country and under which circumstance.
Open discussion after the film.

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Tel. 06 25382491
Free Entrance


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