Magic Poppet Theater Workshop

Magic Puppet Theater Workshop
A workshop on Table Puppets

The Table Puppets
The marionette is the mother of theater. We can imagine early men and women trying to tell a story and looking for small twigs to portrait themselves, the environment, the hunt, the prey, the dangerous carnivorous.
Then it evolved, grew stronger and diversified through all the cultures, with all the techniques possible at a given age.
The tabletop marionette appeared in different cultures at different times. In China, in Japan, in old Egypt and in Italy in the Middle Ages. Together with other techniques as the Glove Marionette and the Rod Marionette, the Table Puppets were used to perform Christian morality plays. It is believed that the word marionette originates from the little figures of the Virgin Mary, hence the word “marionette” or “Mary doll”.
The 18th century was a vital period in the development of all Italian theater, including the marionette theater. The table and rod puppets were mainly of lower-class origin, but the marionette theater, mainly the string variant was popular in aristocratic circles, as a celebration of the Age of Enlightenment. The effects, and the artful and complex construction of the puppets, the puppet theaters, and the puppet narratives, were very popular with magnificent opera plays being made with hidden singers and performed by puppets.
The 19th century spread the table marionettes to other countries, mainly the poor ones where this easy and cheap art form was preferred by the nomad artists that would perform in different cities and villages.
In Portugal it had an apogee in the first half of the 20th century with many plays written specially for this kind of theater.
It is a technique that belongs to the intimacy of art, with soft sober movements and a beauty almost expressed in static images. A painting with motion.

The Workshop
This workshop will be divided in three different moments. Construction, Manipulation and The Play Rehearsal. It will culminate with a performance for friends and family.
The Construction is done with a basic technique that allows newcomers to sculpt the different moving parts of the Marionettes in an easy and intuitive way. The students will create the character, build it and paint it to a very high standard.
The Manipulation classes will use a Awareness Through Movement technique that will teach the organic movement of the actor and the puppet to the students.
Then in a quick succession a short play will be rehearsed and props and tabletop scenery will be created for the performance that will be the culmination of the Workshop.
And in this alchemist process, the residual matter and energy will probably be art.

Magic Puppet Theater Workshop
A workshop on Table Puppets
Starting 9th of October 2016 – 11H00 to 13H00
12 lessons. € 240
For all people, 14 years old or more

More information:
Sint Jansstraat 37
1012 HG Amsterdam

Tel. 06 25382491

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