The Pillow Book

AstaroTheatro at Free Fringe Festival
Saturday 10th September, 20:30

by V.V. (inspired by the author Sei Shōnagon) is a book of personal observations and thoughts, confessions, music, poetry around the life of two people’s past, present and future possibilities.

An artistic composition that intends to “play” with the opposites: love – hate | build – destroy | order – disorder | freedom – prison | joy – sadness…
A composition which will be based on a “game” of creating a composition on the spot, without preparation, using: bricks, cards, stones, knots => sounds, words, gestures, colors.

Idea, artistic approach, visuals: V. Koutrouli & V. Trikoupis @ AstaroTheatro,
Saturday, September 10th during the FREE FRINGE FESTIVAL in Amsterdam

AstaroTheatro – Free Fringe Festival
Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Free Entry

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