Ready for 2016-2017 Cultural Season!

Looking back at the previous cultural season 2015-2016 at AstaroTheatro. A tribute to many artists who performed in our little magic space.
Here some pictures by Tatjana Todorovic, Cihan Turhan, Vasilis Trikoupis, Marco Ziglioli and Lisa Luca of several events:
Moments from Free Fringe Festival 2015
Manifesto OpenPodium 
Ezio Tangini Butoh Dance
Apocalyptic Alphabet OpenPodium 
A Shelter for Body and Soul OpenPodium
Ridiculous Boundaries OpenPodium
A Time for Silence 
Ell Sol
Resist! OpenPodium
Rescue the Meaning OpenPodium
I Corteggiatori
Track Club Party+The Soullution
Ash in the Fire 
Alli Mana Pá K’eho 
Pictures also include AstaroTheatro Productions and collaborations outside AstaroTheatro itself:
Dialoghi in Erba
Mediterranee-Poëzie van het Bittere Vaderland
Gramsci Associa
The Great Enchantment of Timelessness (Love)

 And now, after the sweet memories, AstaroTheatro is ready for the new 2016-2017 season starting with the Free Fringe Festival 1-11 September. See you!

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