Ash in the Fire

Ash in the Fire
After the previous succesful editions we perform Ash in the Fire again on:
Sunday 5th June, 17.00 (matinee)

Poetry is the language we all should speak. A common inspiration, shared passions, unconditioned love.
A poem is much more than a poem. Ash in the Fire is theatre, music, dance, total expression. It’s the fire burning inside of us. It’s a journey through human feelings.
Starting from the Turkish poems by Barış Bilgiç, a full performance is ready for the international audience, thanks to the English acting of Roberto Bacchilega, the dance of Nina Novak and the universal language of music of Onur Inel and Ata Güner.
Ash in the Fire speaks the words from our heart from Anatolia to the world.

Göğsümün göğünde, uçurtmalar uçuruyorum bide…
Kites fly in the sky of my chest

Barış Bilgiç Poems, Recitation
Roberto Bacchilega Recitation
Onur Inel Music and singing
Ata Güner Music
Nina Novak Dance, Choreography
Juan C. Tajes Masks
Özenç Hikmet Demirkan, Sharon Renee Stewart, Maria Wal Translations
Cihan Turhan/CT Studios Photography
Ash in the Fire 4

Please note: AstaroTheatro is the smallest and most cosy theatre in Amsterdam.
Places are limited. Reservation is needed to be put on the guest list of Ash in the Fire
Contact: Roberto Bacchilega-AstaroTheatro Tel. 06 25382491
Admission: € 5 at the door

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