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Ash in the Fire

Ash in the Fire

Saturday 21 May 20:00
Sunday 22 May 17:00 (matinee)
(Please be on time!)

Poetry is the language we all should speak. A common inspiration, shared passions, unconditioned love.
A poem is much more than a poem. Ash in the Fire is theatre, music, dance, total expression. It’s the fire burning inside of us. It’s a journey through human feelings.
Starting from the Turkish poems by Barış Bilgiç, a full performance is ready for the international audience, thanks to the English acting of Roberto Bacchilega, the dance of Nina Novak and the universal language of music of Onur Inel and Ata Güner.
Ash in the Fire speaks the words from our heart from Anatolia to the world.

ğsümün göğünde, uçurtmalar uçuruyorum bide…
Kites fly in the sky of my chest

Barış Bilgiç Poems, Recitation       
Roberto Bacchilega Recitation
Onur Inel Music and singing
Ata Güner Music
Nina Novak Dance, Choreography
Juan C. Tajes Masks
Özenç Hikmet Demirkan, Sharon Renee Stewart, Maria Wal Translations
Cihan Turhan/CT Studios Photography

Please note: AstaroTheatro is the smallest and most cosy theatre in Amsterdam.
Places are limited. Reservation is needed to be put on the guest list of Ash in the Fire
Contact: Roberto Bacchilega-AstaroTheatro Tel. 06 25382491
Admission: € 5 at the door

Track Club Party & The SOULution

Track Club Party & The SOULution (Double Bill)
Saturday 14th May, 20:30

Track Club Party
Influence by all things 80’s& strong black coffee
Loud Abrasive and Often Reflective Indie Music
Now Acoustic at AstaroTheatro

Based in Amsterdam but from Glasgow & Lisbon, the two piece band perform loud, abrasive, and often reflective indie rock which isn’t too far removed from the UK sounds of the 80s and early 90s.

The SOULution
Soul cover band from Amsterdam:
Chelsea: vocals
Manu: keyboard
Stefano: guitar
Gaetano: bass
Federico: drums

Entrance by Donation

Movement 2

Movement 2
Friday 6th May, 20:30
Second from the serie Movement – Multidisciplinary art performance by Talasi Collective.

Talasi Collective invites artists, painters, drawers, photographers, and everyone else to come and experience art connections in our performance.

Aga will present dance and body movement.
Lidija will write stories about YOU, alive.

You are welcome to bring your own materials and tools and to DRAW our art game.

Join our creative process in AstaroTheatro.
Entrance by Donation

a Time for Silence

A Time for Silence
This unique monologue is back at AstaroTheatro!
Friday 29th April, 20:30

A Time for Silence
Carlos Trafic and Nader Farman
A conference on Silence

inspired by
WHITE SPACES (Paul Auster)
A dance to be read out loud
performed by Nader Farman
directed by Carlos Trafic

“ I dedicate these words to the impossibility of finding a word equal to the silence inside me . . . “ P.Auster

This performance brings the character of Gunther Braun to lead a meditative effort, somewhat burlesque and humorous at times, on questions around silence , space , time, the possibilities and limitations of language, the real and the unreal, the mysterious and the obvious. Will Silence, the only territory that cannot be mapped, remain unexplored ? isn’t the beauty of silence simply being ?

Entrance: € 5