Documentaries at Astarotheatro

Documentaries at AstaroTheatro

Friday 18th March, 20:00

STATELESS – Shousha Refugee Camp (2012)
a film by Nunzio Gringeri and Mauro Mondello

February 15th, 2011. On the emotive waves of the tunisian and egyptian revolution hundreds of people take to the streets in Benghazi, in northeast Libya, to protest against the Muammar Gaddafi regime: this event began the struggle between Libya army loyal to Colonel Gaddafi and the rebel forces.
More than 30.000 people were killed during the 8 months civil war: the upheaval has caused a humanitarian emergency on the Tunisian border, where tens of thousands of foreign workers have fled. IOM, the International Organization for Migration estimates that 2.5 million migrant workers were in Libya before the crisis, a heavy footprint for a Libyan population of under seven million.
So begins the journey of Shousha refugees, men and women arrived at the border between Libya and Tunisia from the poorest countries in the world, escaping from poverty, war and ethnic persecution.
Shousha is an indefinite place. It is neither a village nor a city, you can’t find it on a map, you can not imagine that such forgotten place in the middle of the tunisian desert, just 9 km away from the Libyan border, hosts a tent city where thousands of people found refuge escaping from an unexpected war.
Since february 2011 up to now more than 600.000 people crossed the border between Libya and Tunisia, many of these people covered by walking, for days, the distance (130 kilometers) that separate Tripoli from the frontier post.
Today 4.000 people is still living in Shousha, persons coming from Darfur, from Eritrea, from Somalia, from Ethiopia, men and women forced to stay in the camp because their refugee status: they can’t come back in their home countries, because terrible wars are fought there, they can’t come back to Libya, they can’t stay in Tunisia. The only thing the can do is to continue resisting, waiting for the asylum application they sent to western countries, the only possibility to leave Shousha in legal way, to come back to a normal life.

Lampedusa in Berlin
a film by Mauro Mondello

In February 2013 the Italian government declares the end of the so-called “North Africa emergency”. Thousands of refugees are left alone, without jobs, food or housing. The government offers refugees 500 Euros and a special permit to travel through the Schengen area of Europe as an incentive to leave Italy. Many of them accept this sum and continue to live in Italy homeless. Some refugees move illegally to France. A few of them decide to reach Germany and then set up a protest camp in Berlin at Oranienplatz. Lampedusa in Berlin is the story of these human beings, struggling for their lives.

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