Odd Birth to Love Day

Odd Birty to Love Day

Hallo friends, this is an Invitation !!

Dimitri Niccolai Tenedle (performer, songwriter) and Roberto Bacchilega (actor, director, teacher) are both capricorns, they are born on 5 (Dimitri) and 2 (Roberto) January…

This year they decided to make an almost FLASH MOB party at Astarotheatro on Saturday, January 30 and you are all welcome (and we mean “All” just if you let us know)….
Party starts “slowly” at 5 p.m. with some food and drink, we ask you no presents but a little 5€ contribution (Childrean for free of course) that we will use for food, drink and to support “our” little big plans at Astrotheatro (activities 2016)…

To give something back we (“they”) decided to conclude the party with a short special performance. Tenedle will play and sing his ODD TO LOVE – a tribute to Emily Dickinson – album (in english) and Roberto will read the lyrics of the great american poet (in Italian). We hope to see you there, that would be a great pleasure !!

info and reservations (of just confermation) can be done here ore by email at :
See you there!

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam


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