Manifesto – OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro

Manifesto – OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro
OpenPodium 7November-Professor Russolo-Photo Maria Cavali Juan Tajes copy 12188763_10154320572487729_33505782_n
OpenPodium starts again at AstaroTheatro!
And it’s a Manifesto for a season of Culture and Activism

Open podium with different artists from different backgrounds
Crazy acts > Sense, non-sense and sensation
Music, lounge, eat&drink. Bar is open, small buffet as well
Entrance by donation

Saturday 7th November, door open at 20:00. First act at 20:30

With special guests:

Professor Russolo A pseudo-religious music-theatre ode to the thoughts, ideas and 1913 Manifesto
Performance-artist and devotee Prof. Russolo will follow in the footsteps of his famous historical predecessor and executes a 15 minute performance ritual with bass guitar, voice, live electronics (technician Roderik Maes) , toaster, vacuum cleaner, blender and other inspiring instruments.

Juan Carlos Tajes presents Helenikon / Juan C. Tajes 1980
A poetical theatrical declamation
Time plunges its hands into the memory, days passed, adventure, misadventure, love, miss-love. A discovering of classical Greece in the experience of Ephebic love. Love and desire, searching for a glimpse of dark eyes and the salty taste oft the tight skin of male youth

Carolina Droller Dance Performance:
Prison Prism. Are you prisoner of your points of view?

AstaroTheatro Collective presents I’ll weep for happiness (a tribute to Samuel Beckett)

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