Dance Performance Butoh Performance by Ezio Tangini

Symptom-Ezio Tangini 6November SomewhereNowhere-Ezio Tangini 6November
Ezio Tangini Dance Performance Butoh Performance

Friday 6th November, starting at 20:30

Dance performance
Dance Ezio Tangini. Music Salvatore Insana
The performance is about the pain of the human soul.
The eradication of the body. the desire to erase the self.

Somewhere Nowhere
Butoh performance
Dance Ezio Tangini
fluid matter, shapeless, magmatic, in flux, terra incognita
extended time, fluctuating, time lapse in between

Ezio Tangini
Born in Urbania (Pesaro), Italy. Lives in Rome. Educated in Foreign Literatures at the University La Sapienza of Rome.
Studies and practice of contemporary dance. 1998-2004 contemporary dance laboratory of Alessandra Sini. 1998 discovers Butoh with the teacher Masaki Iwana. 1998-2003 Masaki Iwana’s workshops in Normandy, Rome, Polverigi. Several workshops with other Butoh dancers like Silvia Rampelli, Ko Murobushi, Akira Kasai, Mika Takeuchi, Yumiko Yoshioka. Since 2003 dancer and co-founder of the butoh dance company “In Between”.

Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam
Tel. 06 25382491
Entrance by donation

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