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Apocalyptic Alphabet

Apocalyptic Alphabet – OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro

(Special Edition with performance from AstaroTheatro Collective Workshop: Massimiliano Pipolo, Rosy Didio, Marco Ziglioli, Alfonso Gambino, Silvia Terribili, Roberto Bacchilega)

Apocalyptic Alphabet copy
Friday 4th December
starting at 20:30 door open at 20:00. First act at 20:30

Open podium with different artists from different backgrounds
Crazy acts > Sense, non-sense and sensation
Music, lounge, eat&drink 
Bar is open, small buffet as well

With special guests:
Jegor and Jom Semah Interactive paint and music act
Juan Tajes
Ben Whittle Voice Guitar and some Electronics
Carmelinda Gentile and Stefano Bocconi Miriam/Maria. Theatre and Music (in Italian)
Entrance by donation


Sussurround, Tenedle & AstaroTheatro
are proud to present a very special, exclusive concert:

SHE OWL – Live in Amsterdam

Fiercely independent, She Owl’s music is nowadays part of the endangered species: delicate as the wind in the trees, unfamiliar as an ancient fairytale, liberating like drums around the fire and frightening as a bird of prey.

Saturday, November 28 at 8:30 p.m.
25 seats only : be quick and get your own ticket (5€ entrance)

Méditerranée – Poems from our Bitter Homeland


Friday 27 november 2015
UvA Oudemanhuispoort 4-6 (faculteit Rechten), zaal F2.01C


Poets from Our Middle Sea, our bitter homeland
Een geënsceneerde voordracht. ArtandLanguage, Astarotheatro, Opleiding Nieuwgriekse taal en cultuur, UvA, NGNS en Nederlands-Griekse Mediacirkel.
Ritsos, Livaditis, Elytis, Hikmet, Behramoglou, Lorca, Sanguineti, Pasolini. Inleiding,toespraak: Mario Molegraaf.
Met dank aan: Opleiding Nieuwgriekse taal en cultuur/ UvA, NGNS en Nederlands-Griekse Mediacirkel, M.Molegraaf, Europese Beweging Nederland, HulpKaravaan naar Griekenland .

Poetry born from the Mediterranean waters, travelling across the land from the Pillars of Hercules to Anatolia and The East.
Mediterranean poetry goes beyond national borders and attempts to awaken our consciousness and souls. Our Middle Sea poets’ chants of love, human understanding, rebellion.

Poëzievoordracht met gedichten van de Middellandse Zee, in de oorspronkelijke taal en in vertaling. Een poëzieperformance
over nostalgie, vrijheid en vrede, passie en strijdlust. Spanje, Turkije, Griekenland, Italië.

Fiore di Luna

Fiore di Luna
Regia di Silvia Terribili
(AstaroTheatro in Italian)
Fiore di Luna-21November-Photo Tatjana Todorovic
Sabato 21 novembre, ore 20.30
AstaroTheatro Sint Jansstraat 37 Amsterdam 

Fiore di Luna è la storia di un ex-soldato che torna a casa dopo l’ennesima inutile guerra.Fiore di Luna è una storia di mare.Per attraversare lo stretto di mare che lo separa dalla sua isola l’eroe ha bisogno di un traghetto, la misteriosa Fiore di Luna spunta all’improvviso da una grotta e gli dà una mano.
Soltanto nelle ultime scene capiremo perché. Lo spettacolo si snoda come monologo, dialogo e storytelling.
L’attrice entra nei panni dell’eroe, di Fiore di Luna e di voce narrante.
Altri protagonisti sono il mare e le sue creature marine (le orche, bizzarri mostri giocherelloni). La storia si svolge in tre brevi atti di 15’, 15’e 10’ con due pause.
Fiore di Luna è un libero adattamento di Silvia Terribili ispirato da un racconto all’interno del romanzo Horcynus Orca di Stefano D’Arrigo.

(in Italian/italiano)

Rich Corporations Poor Societies

AstaroTheatro and Radio Onda Italiana
invites you for:
“Rich corporations, poor Societies”
A lecture in English by Rodrigo Fernandez (researcher of SOMO)
Followed by a debate with the public

Saturday 14 november 2015, 15-17 hrs
Het Spinhuis, Singel 165a (under the bridge) Amsterdam
Never before were corporations more awash with cash, outside of a small group of corporate managers and shareholders hardly anyone is benefiting. On the contrary: corporate financial investments reinforce troubling trends of high unemployment, rising debts, inequality and fiscal austerity in Europe and the US an precarious and badly paid jobs in the Global South. To contribute to a more balanced and sustainable economy, multinational corporations should be forced by governments to: pay their fair share in taxes pay decent wages invest their cash reserves in productive rather than financial assets

For more information:

Dialoghi in Erba

Dialoghi in Erba
(AstaroTheatro in Italian)

Dialoghi in Erba
AstaroTheatro a Istituto Italiano di Cultura Amsterdam
Eccezionali foto di scena di Tatjana Todorovic dello spettacolo del 23 ottobre
Con Gino Calenda Di Tavani, Silvia Terribili, Roberto Bacchilega
Musiche di scena: TENEDLE
Tecnica: Massimiliano Pipolo
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Manifesto – OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro

Manifesto – OpenPodium at AstaroTheatro
OpenPodium 7November-Professor Russolo-Photo Maria Cavali Juan Tajes copy 12188763_10154320572487729_33505782_n
OpenPodium starts again at AstaroTheatro!
And it’s a Manifesto for a season of Culture and Activism

Open podium with different artists from different backgrounds
Crazy acts > Sense, non-sense and sensation
Music, lounge, eat&drink. Bar is open, small buffet as well
Entrance by donation

Saturday 7th November, door open at 20:00. First act at 20:30

With special guests:

Professor Russolo A pseudo-religious music-theatre ode to the thoughts, ideas and 1913 Manifesto
Performance-artist and devotee Prof. Russolo will follow in the footsteps of his famous historical predecessor and executes a 15 minute performance ritual with bass guitar, voice, live electronics (technician Roderik Maes) , toaster, vacuum cleaner, blender and other inspiring instruments.

Juan Carlos Tajes presents Helenikon / Juan C. Tajes 1980
A poetical theatrical declamation
Time plunges its hands into the memory, days passed, adventure, misadventure, love, miss-love. A discovering of classical Greece in the experience of Ephebic love. Love and desire, searching for a glimpse of dark eyes and the salty taste oft the tight skin of male youth

Carolina Droller Dance Performance:
Prison Prism. Are you prisoner of your points of view?

AstaroTheatro Collective presents I’ll weep for happiness (a tribute to Samuel Beckett)