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AstaroTheatro is an independent, non-mainstream open space for theatre, arts, music, cultures, movies, events, discussions, activism. A place where to meet for real and to share. AstaroTheatro aims at creating community and awareness.
Theatre & Activism > Omnia Sunt Communia

AstaroTheatro is an intimate, free space where actors, musicians and artists are welcome to perform, to play, to give and to receive inspirations.
The atmosphere is international: audience and performers are borderless just like the culture we love to experience.

AstaroTheatro is getting ready for the coming months: from October 2015 till June 2016 we will program all kind of events.
Our famous OpenPodium will of course go on, giving a stage and an audience for free to performers.
Saturday 7 November and Friday 4 December are the next OpenPodium-Dates
Call for Artists! Call for Activists!
Are you a performer of any kind? Are an active activist?
Contact us, there’s a space (and more) for you – AstaroTheatro is on Facebook

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